November 9, 2020, 2:00 PM

Council Chambers, 2nd Floor | Public access in Terrace Gallery


Jim Gray
Tony Ortiz
Robert F. Stuart
Buddy Dyer
Patty Sheehan
Regina I. Hill
Bakari F. Burns

Welcome! We are very glad you have joined us for today's Council meeting.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing efforts, members of the public may participate during in-person City Council meetings by appearing in the Terrace Gallery on the 1st floor of City Hall


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Public Comment

Members of the public wishing to be heard on a matter before Council must submit a written request to speak to the City Clerk's Office.

To provide public comment, determine the type of appearance you wish to make:

  1. Consent Agenda Item: Council meets in session prior to the Council meeting to discuss the upcoming agenda. The Agenda Review meeting is the only designated time for public input on Consent Agenda items. During the Agenda Review meeting, you may speak once and address all your remarks regarding Items A-K and Items 4-6 (CRA/NID/OPEB). Live, or Written comments in advance, may be provided. Requests to speak must be submitted by 9 a.m. on the day of the meeting.
  2. Public Hearing: Your comment must relate to a public hearing as noted on the agenda and may be addressed at the Council meeting during discussion of that specific agenda item. Live, or Written comments in advance, may be provided.
  3. General Appearance: Items that are unrelated to a specific agenda item may be addressed at General Appearances. Only live comments may be provided. Requests to speak must be submitted by 9 a.m. on the day of the meeting. Note: General appearances are limited to 5 minutes each, although if there are a large number of requests to speak, Council may reduce the time allocated for each speaker.

Submit a written request to speak by selecting one of the following options:

  1. Complete an online comment form on,
  2. Email to,
  3. Mail to City Clerk, Public Comment 400 South Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32801, or
  4. Drop off to the 1st floor Security Station at City Hall 


Live public comment

Council is pleased to hear all non-repetitive comments. When you are recognized, state your name and address (business or residential are acceptable), direct all your remarks to Council and limit your comments to a total of 5 minutes or as set by Council. Large groups are requested to name a spokesperson. Pursuant to Robert's Rules of Order, if a speaker yields the floor before their time expires, the remaining time is waived.


The Council meeting will be conducted in Council Chambers and members of the public will be able to view the meeting live and provide public comment in the Terrace Gallery located on the 1st floor of City Hall. Members of the public must enter via the 1st floor Rotunda and proceed to the Terrace Gallery for public viewing. All visitors must wear a face covering and will be temperature checked prior to entering City Hall.

Appellants and Parties to Appeals and Quasi-Judicial Hearings


Appellants and Parties must submit their documentary evidence and presentations to by 5:00pm on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. Documentary evidence and presentations received by the 5:00pm deadline are distributed to Council and attached to the related agenda item for public viewing. Items received after the deadline will not be considered at the meeting. All items received are public record.


Robert's Rules of Order govern the conduct of the meeting.

Anyone requiring assistance to participate in this meeting should contact the City Clerk's Office as soon as possible at 407-246-2251 or

Thank you for participating in your City government and making Orlando truly "The City Beautiful."

Commissioner Robert F. Stuart
Pledge of Allegiance
Commissioner Robert F. Stuart
Call to Order
Determination of Quorum
Consideration of Minutes
Agenda Review and City Council Meeting Minutes - October 19, 2020


(3)Consent Agenda
The following items A-K will be acted upon by the City Council through a single vote. An item will be considered separately by decision of the Mayor or majority vote of City Council.
(1)AdoptingResolution Recognizing the Existence of a Climate Emergency and Supporting Emergency Mobilization Efforts to Restore a Safe ClimateALL
(2)ApprovingMemorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the National Resources Defense Council, Inc. (NRDC) and the City of OrlandoALL
(3)ApprovingOrlando Green Building Incentive Pilot ProgramALL
(4)ApprovingAgreement with Dave's House, Inc. for Feasibility StudyALL
(5)ApprovingChanges to Policies and Procedures reviewed by Senior StaffALL
(6)ApprovingFederal Subrecipient Agreement between Orange County, Florida and the City of Orlando, Florida for a federal subaward issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury for the provision of Career and Workforce Training to COVID-19 Impacted IndividualsALL
(7)ApprovingSubrecipient Agreement between City of Orlando and the Central Florida Urban League for the provision of career and workforce training to COVID-19 impacted Orange County residentsALL
(B)Business and Financial Services
(1)ApprovingAward to Florida Catastrophe Corporation for Water Damage Remediation Services, IFB20-0304ALL
(2)AppointingDouglas Zabin as the fifth member of the Firefighters' Pension BoardALL
(3)ApprovingAmendment to Contract with LaserCraft, Inc. for Red Light Violation Cameras and Citation System, RFP07-0594ALL
(4)ApprovingAmendment to Contract with LPS of America, Inc. for Event Parking Service, RFP14-0329ALL
(5)ApprovingPurchase Agreement for Conserv II Edwards Property in Orange CountyALL
(6)ApprovingUse of the Sourcewell Contract with Alan Jay Fleet Sales for the Purchase of Twenty (20) 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe 2WD Police Vehicles, C21-0028ALL
(7)ApprovingAmendment to Contract with Big Truck Rental for the Rental of Front Loading Refuse Trucks, N19-0357ALL
(8)AdoptingInitial Assessment Resolution Imposing and Levying Special Assessments on Specially Benefited Properties to Support the Provision of Charity HealthcareALL
(9)ApprovingAward to Cross Construction Services Inc. for Demolition of Residential and Commercial Structures, IFB20-0448ALL
(10)ApprovingAward to Ric-Man Construction Florida, Inc. for Lift Station 139 Force Main Replacement, IFB20-04141
(11)ApprovingUse of the Florida Sheriffs Association Contract with Caterpillar, Inc. for the Purchase of One (1) Caterpillar 326 Excavator, C21-0049ALL
(12)ApprovingAmendment to Contract with Uretek USA for Soil Stabilization, C20-0383ALL
(13)ApprovingUse of the Volusia County Florida Contract with Zoll Medical Corporation for the Purchase of Cardiac Monitors and Preventative Maintenance Service, C21-0048ALL
(14)ApprovingAward of Contract to First Step Staffing Inc. for Temporary Labor Services, N21-0014ALL
(15)ApprovingPhase II Guaranteed Maximum Price Amendment to Construction Manager at Risk Agreement with Barton Malow Builders for Camping World Stadium Improvements, RFP20-0002ALL
(C)Economic Development
(1)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Historic Preservation Board (HPB) - October 7, 20204,5
(2)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Appearance Review Board (ARB) - October 15, 20205
(3)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Municipal Planning Board (MPB) - October 20, 20201,3,4,6
(4)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) - October 27, 2020, EXCEPT the following Item which has been DEFERRED: Item #4 - 3212 Westchester Ave. (VAR2020-10045)3,4
(5)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Felix Roman as Office AssistantALL
(6)ApprovingRenewal of Employment Agreement for David Virag as Customer Service SupervisorALL
(7)ApprovingRenewal of Employment Agreement for Kasey Forest as Permit Technician IIALL
(8)ApprovingA final minor subdivision plat titled Fence AKA 2009 Hamilton Ln Replat with Mods, SUB2020-100424
(9)ApprovingA final minor subdivision plat titled SODO House by the Lake, SUB2020-100504
(10)ApprovingA final minor subdivision plat titled MAA Robinson AKA 336 North Orange Ave, SUB2019-100935
(11)ApprovingA final major subdivision plat titled Urbon at Nona, SUB2020-100251
(12)AcceptingPetition for Voluntary Annexation – Hourglass Mixed Use PD (ANX2020-10009)4
(13)ApprovingSchool Impact Fee Agreement Regarding an Alternative Impact Fee Calculation for Broadstone Lakehouse3
(14)ApprovingSmall Business Façade, Site Improvement and Adaptive Reuse Program Agreement between GC & VN Real Estate Investors, LLC and the City of Orlando - 5763 Curry Ford Road2
(15)ApprovingSmall Business Façade, Site Improvement and Adaptive Reuse Program Agreement between TBSM Corporation DBA JuiceBar and the City of Orlando - 2413 East South Street4
(16)ApprovingEconomic Development Incentive Agreement between the City of Orlando and Lilium Aviation, Inc.1
(D)Families, Parks and Recreation
(1)ApprovingFee Waiver for Orlando Shakespeare Theatre Spring Season at the Lake Eola AmphitheatreALL
(2)AuthorizingGrant to Central Florida Foundation - Legacy Trust for Orlando Children2,5,6
(1)ApprovingExtension of Interlocal Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Orlando Fire Department (OFD) and Winter Park Fire-Rescue Department for Special Operations Response and TrainingALL
(1)ApprovingAgreement between the City of Orlando and Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida, Inc. for Emergency Solutions Grant-CARES Act (ESG-CV) fundsALL
(2)ApprovingFY 2020/2021 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funding Agreement between the City of Orlando and Rebuilding Together of Central Florida, Inc.ALL
(3)ApprovingSubordination Agreement of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) loan between the City of Orlando, Grandbridge Real Estate Capital, and West Lakes Phase I6
(G)Orlando Venues
No Agenda Items
(1)ApprovingMemorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Orange County Sheriff's Office (OCSO) and the City of Orlando Police Department for Rapid DNA TestingALL
(2)ApprovingPermits: SPEC7020591, “Front Yard Festival”, Seneff Arts Plaza, Mon. 11/16/20 thru Mon. 5/31/21; SPEC6078022, “Thanksgiving at Lake Eola”, Lake Eola Park, 11/21/20; SPEC4045600, “FusionFest”, Seneff Arts Plaza, Sat. 11/28/20 thru Sun. 11/29/20; SPEC0214315, “Orlando Balloon Glow”, Blue Jacket Park, Thur. 12/3/20 thru Sun. 12/6/20; SPEC8841374, “OUC Half-Marathon & Track Shack 5K”, Lake Eola Park and surrounding area, Sat. 12/5/20.ALL
(3)ApprovingPermits: SPEC5912496, Orlando Farmers Market, Lake Eola Park, Sun.: 11/8/20 thru 5/8/21; SPEC4499253 , Thornton 2nd Thursday Wine & Art Walk, Central Blvd. bet. Osceola Av./Hyer Av., Washington St. bet. Summerlin Av./Hyer Av., Thur:11/12/20, 12/12/20, 1/14/21, 2/11/2, 3/11/21,4/08/21.ALL
(4)ApprovingApplication to Spirit of Blue for Riot HelmetsALL
(5)AcceptingFY 2020/2021 Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Bulletproof Vest Partnership AwardALL
(I)Public Works
(1)ApprovingDrainage Easement Agreement between the City of Orlando and Lake Nona Land Company, LLC relating to Lake Nona South/Parcel 24F1
(2)ApprovingConfirmatory Assignment of Rights and Obligations under Utility Easement between Meritage Homes of Florida, Inc., Orlando Utilities Commission and City of Orlando1
(3)ApprovingReclaim Water Easement Agreement (Isles of Lake Nona Phase 1A) between Pulte Homes Company, LLC and the City of Orlando1
(4)ApprovingContract (#W1138, Amendment #3), between the Florida Department of Corrections and the City of OrlandoALL
(1)ApprovingLandscape Construction and Maintenance Memorandum of Agreement between the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Orlando5
(2)ApprovingMaintenance Agreement between the City of Orlando and Mid-America Apartments, L.P.5
(1)ApprovingSpecific Items Approved by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority at its' October 21, 2020 MeetingALL
(2)ApprovingItem Moved to A-6ALL
(3)ApprovingItem Moved to A-7ALL

City Council will recess and convene the following as needed.
(4)Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)
No Agenda Items
(5)Neighborhood Improvement District - Board of Directors
No Agenda Items
(6)OPEB Board of Trustees
No Agenda Items

(7)New Business/Hearings
No Agenda Items
(8)New Business
(1)ElectingTwo (2) Mayors Pro-Tem for one year terms (January - December 2021)ALL
No Agenda Items
(10)Hearings/Emergency Ordinances
No Agenda Items
(11)Hearings/Ordinances/1st Read
(1)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2020-57 Amending the City’s adopted Growth Management Plan, by amending Policy 1.3.1 and Policy 1.3.6 in the Public Schools Element to remove reference to the Capacity Enhancement Agreement process (Economic Development).ALL
(2)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2020-58 Creating the SODO Zoning Overlay which Replaces and Expands the Orange/Michigan Zoning Overlay (LDC2019-10000)(Economic Development)4
(12)Hearings/Ordinances/2nd Read
(1)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2020-39 Approving the Vista Commerce Park PD (ZON2020-10002) (Economic Development)1
(2)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2020-42 Requesting the Industrial and Conservation future land use designations for property generally located north of State Road 528, south of Beltway Commerce Center, east of State Road 417, and west of the Orange County Landfill (Vista Commerce Park GMP Amendment) (Economic Development)1
(3)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2020-53 Relating to the Storey Park Community Development District; Granting a Petition to Amend the Boundaries of the District by Approximately 147.4 Acres (Storey Park CDD) (Economic Development)1
(4)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2020-55 Granting Electric Utility Franchise Agreement for Duke EnergyALL
(13)Ordinances/1st Read
(1)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2020-54 Amending the City’s adopted Growth Management Plan, by updating Figure CI-14, to be entitled “City of Orlando 2020-2025 Capital Improvements Element Capital Improvements Fund Schedule”; and Amending Policy 2.2.30 in the Capital Improvements Element (Economic Development)ALL
(2)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2020-56 Standardizing Review Criteria for Various Residential Re-Plat Processes (LDC2020-10002) (Economic Development)ALL
(3)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2020-59 Approving an Amendment to the Orlando Corporate Center Planned Development (PD) (ZON2020-10012) (Economic Development)1
(4)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2020-60 Approving the Torrey Preserve Planned Development (PD) (ZON2020-10005) (Economic Development)1
(5)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2020-61 Designating Certain Land Generally Located on the South Side of Stonewall Jackson Road, East of South Semoran Boulevard, and West of Pablo Lane Road, and Comprised of 1.41 Acres of Land, More or Less, as the Planned Development District with the Semoran Boulevard and Airport Noise Overlay Districts (ZON2020-10013) (Economic Development)2
(6)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2020-62 Extending the Waiting Period for Demolition of Structures in the Lake Davis-Greenwood Neighborhood (Economic Development)4
(7)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2020-63 Amending the Orlando Lutheran Towers Planned Development Zoning Ordinance to Increase the Maximum Impervious Surface Ratio and to Remove Approximately 0.22 Acres of Land (410 and 416 Mariposa Street) From the Planned Development Zoning District, Such Land Being Generally Located on the South Side of Mariposa Street Between South Osceola Avenue and Lake Avenue4
(8)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2020-64 Requesting the Rezoning of Land Generally Located between S. Osceola Ave. and Lake Ave. and Comprised of 0.69 Acres, More or Less, From Planned Development with the Traditional City Overlay District and High Intensity Mixed Residential- Office With the Traditional City Overlay District to Planned Development with the Traditional City Overlay District (Mariposa Grove PD)4
(9)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2020-65 Amending Chapter 10, Bicycles and Bicycle Paths, to include an extension of the Pilot Program for Scooter Share ServicesALL
(14)Ordinances/2nd Read
No Agenda Items
No Agenda Items
(16)Quasi-Judicial Hearings
(1)AdoptingRecommended Order for QJ2020-001 (Orlando Lutheran Towers PD Amendment and the Mariposa Grove PD)4
(17)Unfinished Business
No Agenda Items
(18)For Information Only
(1)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes between Commissioner Tony Ortiz and Commissioner Jim Gray - September 29, 20201,2
(2)AcceptingMeeting Minutes between Commissioner Tony Ortiz and Commissioner Patty Sheehan - October 15, 20201,4
(3)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes – Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Meeting Minutes – September 16, 2020ALL
(4)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes – Mayor Dyer and Commissioner Gray – October 22, 20201
(5)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes – Special Citizens’ Police Review Board – June 16, 2020ALL
(6)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes – Citizens’ Police Review Board – July 1, 2020ALL
(7)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes – Special Citizens’ Police Review Board – July 24, 2020ALL
(8)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes – Citizens’ Police Review Board – August 5, 2020ALL
(9)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes – Special Citizens’ Police Review Board – August 21, 2020ALL
(10)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes – Citizens’ Police Review Board – September 2, 2020ALL
(11)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes – Nominating Board – June 10, 2020ALL
(12)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes – Nominating Board – July 8, 2020ALL
(13)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes – Nominating Board – August 12, 2020ALL

-------------------------------------------End of Official Business-------------------------------------------

General Appearances


With respect to items for acceptance or information, City Council action is not required, and City Council approval (or disapproval) is not to be implied.


Anyone who desires to appeal an official decision made at this virtual meeting, if an appeal is permitted by law, may need to obtain a verbatim record of the proceedings that includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is based.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The City of Orlando is committed to reasonably accommodating the communications needs of persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities who need reasonable accommodations to participate in this virtual meeting should contact, at least 24 hours in advance, the City of Orlando ADA coordinator at 407.246.2057 or