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December 7, 2020
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Award of Contract to Aspire Health Partners, Inc. for Alternative Mental Health Response Pilot Project, N21-0045


The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer and the Procurement and Contracts Division are requesting approval of a contract with Aspire Health Partners, Inc., to provide a one-year pilot project providing for a mental health team to be dispatched to identified 911 calls, which do not appear to be criminal in nature nor require a police response.

This pilot will be designed to reduce law enforcement involvement in non-violent incidents that can be appropriately handled by mental health professionals. The project period will be for twelve (12) months, with the option to extend up to three (3) ninety (90) day periods, at a cost of $38,867.17 per month for a total annual amount of $466,406.04. The fee is inclusive of all costs, fees, charges and expenses of any nature to perform the work, except for patient transportation expenses. Patient transportation expenses are estimated to be $25,000.00 per annum and will be charged at cost without markup for a provider that has not yet been identified.

An integral part of the pilot is to track and collect adequate data as well as to have an independent analysis performed to verify outcomes. At a minimum, the pilot will collect data from the mental health team’s interactions with residents, call responses, types of calls, and outcomes to ensure that analysis, including costs, is comprehensive.

Anticipated Outcomes to Achieve:

· More accurate needs assessment of person in crisis

· Quicker access to care

· Fewer repeat calls for service

· Decrease in arrests/jail submissions

· Cost avoidance or cost savings to the criminal justice system

· Decrease in hospital admissions and psychiatric hospitalizations

· Decrease in use of force by law enforcement/reduced liability

· Better efficiency of officer time/less injuries

· Better collaboration between police and behavioral health practitioners

The MBE Division has reviewed the subject procurement and has determined that there were no City-certified M/WBE firms that are able to provide the subject goods or services.

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: Fiscal impact statement is attached.

Recommended Action:
Approving and authorizing the Chief Procurement Officer to execute a contract, and any renewals, with Aspire Health Partners, Inc., as indicated above, in the amount of $466,406.04, plus transportation services in the estimated amount of $25,000.00, subject to review and approval by the City Attorney’s Office.

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Contact: David Billingsley, Janiero Coulter (for M/WBE questions);
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Department Date and Time
Budget Outside Routing Approval 11/23/2020 2:15 PM
City Clerk 11/23/2020 2:46 PM

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Alternative_Mental_Health_Response_Pilot_Program_–_Sample_Metrics.pdf Alternative Mental Health Response Pilot Program – Sample Metrics Backup Material

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