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November 9, 2020
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Orlando Green Building Incentive Pilot Program


The Orlando Green Building Incentive Pilot Program (GBIP) is designed to foster the development of more high-performance, healthy, and sustainable (“green”) buildings throughout the City in order to achieve the City’s goals for an environmentally and socially responsible, vibrant, healthy, and prosperous community that improves the quality of life, as identified in the Green Works Community Sustainability Action Plan (2018).

This program utilizes the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) building certification, the most widely used green building rating system in the world. LEED provides a framework for designing, building, and operating healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings, and is available for virtually all building types.

Qualification Requirements:

  • Minimum of 1,000 square feet gross floor area.
  • Commercial building (including commercial multi-family).
  • New building or substantial enlargement (defined by the City of Orlando).

  • Project achieves LEED Silver, Gold, or Platinum+ certification by U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), in the most recent version available.

Incentive Program:

  • This is a performance-based incentive requiring that participants to achieve LEED Silver, Gold, or Platinum+ certification, verified by a third-party institution, before receiving the tax rebate incentive. 
  • For qualifying projects, the City will provide the following tiers of incentive:

o   Tier I (LEED Silver): 1-year, 50% real property tax refund on the City portion of the new tax increment generated by the project. 

o   Tier II (LEED Gold): 1-year, 75% real property tax refund on the City portion of the new tax increment generated by the project.

o   Tier III (LEED Platinum+): 1-year, 100% real property tax refund on the City portion of the new tax increment generated by the project.

Program benefits include:

  •  Developers: Increased property value, leadership recognition, recaptured cost
  • Owners: Increased occupancy rates; increase property value; lowered operating cost
  • Tenants: Lowered operating costs, decreased energy and water consumption
  • Employees: Improved health, comfort and productivity
  • Community: Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased mobility opportunities, decreased pressure on water supply, electricity, and other limited resources

Program Cap:

  • The program has a cap of $2,500,000 in agreements approved.

  •  No single project shall receive more than $250,000 from this program.

  • No agreements shall be approved after December 31, 2025.

  • No GBIP incentive payments shall be made after June 30, 2030.


  • Developments receiving other tax incentives from the City of Orlando are not eligible for the Green Building Incentive Program.
  • Developments receiving other financial incentives from the City of Orlando, may be ineligible for this program.

Application Process:

  • Developers who are interested in participating in the pilot program will enter into a "GBIP agreement" (attached) prior to submitting a building permit application.
  • The GBIP application will be reviewed by the Green Works team, and recommended for approved by CAO based upon meeting the program eligibility criteria.
  • More information on the process can be found in the attached "Program Description" document.

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: N/A. This item does not have any direct fiscal commitment or impact. GBIP incentives will come from new incremental tax revenues. 

Recommended Action:

Approving the "Orlando Green Building Incentive Program" and authorizing the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to approve incentive agreements during the duration of the pilot program.

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Note: All agenda items must be in the City Clerk's office by Noon Friday, six(6) business days prior to the regular Monday City Council meeting.

Contact: Chris Castro, 407-246-3463
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 10/28/2020 11:10 AM
City Clerk 10/29/2020 3:38 PM

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