Agenda For:

2:00 PM
July 24, 2017

Jim Gray
Tony Ortiz
Robert F. Stuart
Buddy Dyer
Patty Sheehan
Regina I. Hill
Samuel B. Ings

Welcome! We are very glad you have joined us for today's Council meeting. If you wish to speak to the City Council, please fill out an Appearance Request form. On the back of the form is important information about the different times for public comments. The form is found in the City Clerk's Office, or just outside Council Chambers, or at the dais in Chambers. Please give your completed form to the City Clerk. When you are recognized to speak, state your name and address and speak directly into the microphone. The Council is pleased to hear relevant comments; however a 5 minute limit is set by the City Code. Large groups are asked to name a spokesperson. Please note that no ringing electronic devices are allowed in Council Chambers. Thank you for participating in your City government and making Orlando truly "The City Beautiful."

Pastor Sarah Robinson, Audubon Park Covenant Church, 3219 Chelsea Street, Orlando 32803
(2)Pledge of Allegiance
Commissioner Patty Sheehan, District 4
(3)Call to Order
(4)Determination of Quorum
(5)Consideration of Minutes
Workshop, Agenda Review and City Council Meeting Minutes - July 10, 2017

Consent Agenda (the following items A-K will be acted upon by the City Council through a single vote. An item will be considered separately only upon request of a Council member and a confirming majority of the City Council.)
No Agenda Items
(B)Business and Financial Services
(1)ApprovingAgreement with Motorola Solutions, Inc. for Lake Nona Radio Tower, S16-0406ALL
(2)ApprovingAward to B & D Enterprises for Video Inspection and Cleaning of City Stormwater Facilities, IFB17-0194ALL
(3)ApprovingPurchase Order to Sutphen Corporation for the purchase of one (1) Sutphen SPH-100 Aerial Platform Apparatus, S17-0396ALL
(4)ApprovingAward to Winterland, Inc. for the purchase of Pole Mounted Holiday Decorations, IFB17-0239ALL
(5)ApprovingLicense Agreement with Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc. for Location behind City Hall and CNL I5
(6)ApprovingState Revolving Fund Loan Agreement WW480470ALL
(7)ApprovingProposed FY 2017/2018 City Millage Rate of 6.6500ALL
(8)ApprovingProposed FY 2017/2018 DDB Millage Rate of 1.00003,4,5
(9)ApprovingProposed FY 2017/2018 Downtown South Neighborhood Improvement District Millage Rate of 1.00004
(C)Economic Development
(1)AuthorizingInitiation of City Initiated Growth Management Plan Amendments related to the Virginia Drive/Lake Highland Transportation and Land Use Study.3
(2)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Board of Zoning Adjustment - June 27, 20173,4
(3)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Permit Technician I Part Time Contract -Yarbiel GarciaALL
(4)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Permit Technician I Part Time - Contract - Arvin SinghALL
(5)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Permit Technician I Part Time - Contract - Beverly SettleALL
(6)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Permit Technician I - Contract - Tykyieshaye DixonALL
(D)Families, Parks and Recreation
No Agenda Items
No Agenda Items
(1)ApprovingThe City of Orlando Housing and Community Development Department Program Year 2017 Annual Action Plan for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) housing and community development programs - Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME), and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA).ALL
(2)ApprovingSubordination Agreement of HOME Loan between the City of Orlando, Timber Sound Preservation, L.P. and SunTrust, and Assignment and Assumption Agreement between the City of Orlando, Timber Sound II, Ltd., and Timber Sound Preservation, L.P.5
(G)Orlando Venues
(1)ApprovingEmployment Contract for Interactive Media Coordinator - Alexander EdwardsALL
(1)ApprovingPermits: OLP8356522, Live music over outdoor loudspeaker, 3875 S. Kirkman Rd., Request for Extension of Hours, Sat. 8/5/17; OLP6062461, Live music over outdoor loudspeaker, 3875 S. Kirkman Rd., Request for Extension of Hours, Sat. 8/12/17; OLP9698504 , Live music over outdoor loudspeaker, 3875 S. Kirkman Rd., Request for Extension of Hours, Sat. 8/19/17; OLP9037434, Live music over outdoor loudspeaker, 3875 S. Kirkman Rd., Request for Extension of Hours, Sat. 8/26/17. SPEC6364327, “Orlando Garage Top Criterium”, 112 E. Central Blvd., Sun. 8/27/17; SPEC3757365, "Orlando City Soccer Fan Zone", W. Church St. between Lime Av. & Glenn Ln., 7/29/17-12/31/17.ALL
(I)Public Works
(1)ApprovingEmployment Agreement with Joseph England as Sustainability Project ManagerALL
(2)ApprovingEmployment Agreement with Ian Jurgensen as Sustainability Project ManagerALL
(1)ApprovingAgreement for Construction of Sunrail Station with Lincoln Church Street, LLC and the City of Orlando5
(1)Adoptinga new City of Orlando flagALL
(2)ApprovingSubordination of Utility Interests Florida Department of Transportation - Parcel 283.3ALL
Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)
(1)ApprovingCommunity Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Meeting Minutes - June 19, 20173,4,5
(2)ApprovingEconomic Development Incentive Agreement Lincoln Tower Sunrail Project3,4,5
(3)ApprovingBeech Avenue and North Lee Avenue Pedestrian Railroad Crossing Improvements5
Neighborhood Improvement District - Board of Directors
(1)ApprovingProposed FY 2017/2018 Downtown South Neighborhood Improvement District Millage Rate of 1.00004
OPEB Board of Trustees
No Agenda Items
New Business/Hearings
No Agenda Items
New Business
No Agenda Items
No Agenda Items
Hearings/Emergency Ordinances
No Agenda Items
Hearings/Ordinances/1st Read
No Agenda Items
Hearings/Ordinances/2nd Read
(1)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2017-40 annexing the subject property, assigning the Mixed Use Corridor Medium Intensity future land use designation and initial zoning of MU-1/AN for property located at 4550 Ponderosa Drive, which located north of Hoffner Avenue, west of Ponderosa Drive and south of Van Road (4550 Ponderosa Drive). (Economic Development)1
(3)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2017-37 Amending the Park Lake Presbyterian Church Planned Development (PD) to Add 0.38 acres and Allow Redevelopment for an Art Studio, Gallery or Cafe (ZON2017-00007) (Economic Development)3
(4)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2017-45 Abandonment of Portions of Precision Drive (ABN2017-00001) (Economic Development)6
(5)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2017-44 Rezoning the ±64.716-acre previous Wet ‘n Wild property, AC-3/SP to PD/SP (ZON2017-00017) (Economic Development, District 6)6
(6)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2017-42 amending the Code of the City of Orlando relating to SolicitationALL
(7)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2017-43 amending the Code of the City of Orlando relating to Disorderly ConductALL
Ordinances/1st Read
(1)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2017-39 Designating Certain Land Generally Located South of West Church Street, West of South John Young Parkway, East of South Cottage Hill Road and North of Herold Drive and comprised of 12.61 acres of land, More or Less, from R-3B Medium Intensity Development, R-1 One Family Residential and O-1 Office and Residential Districts to the Planned Development District; Providing a Development Plan and Special Land Development Regulations of the Planned Development District. (Economic Development)(Guardian Care PD, ZON2017-00004)5
(3)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2017-48 Relating to Regulation of Structures and Objects of Natural Growth in the Vicinity of Orlando International Airport and Orlando Executive Airport; Amending Chapter 5, Chapter 58, Chapter 65, and Chapter 66, Orlando City Code, to Provide Regulations for Airport Height Zoning Permits, the Airport Board of Adjustment, the Proximity of Sanitary Landfills to the Airports, and Enforcement and Penalties (Economic Development)ALL
(4)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2017-47 Amendment of the City of Orlando, Florida relating to the operation of unmanned aircraft systems.ALL
Ordinances/2nd Read
No Agenda Items
No Agenda Items
Quasi-Judicial Hearings
No Agenda Items
Unfinished Business
No Agenda Items
For Information Only
(1)For Information OnlyMennello Museum Board of Trustees Meeting June 14, 2017ALL
(2)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals - July 7ALL
General Appearances
No Agenda Items

With respect to items for acceptance or information, City Council action is neither required nor necessary, and City Council approval (or disapproval) is not to be implied.

Any person who desires to appeal any decision at this meeting will need a record of the proceedings and, for this purpose, may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made which includes testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is based.


The City of Orlando is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reasonable accommodations, including equal access to communications, will be provided upon request. Requests for reasonable accommodations, with regard to equal access to communications, should be directed to the City of Orlando ADA coordinator at 407.246.2057.