Agenda For:

2:00 PM
May 15, 2017

Jim Gray
Tony Ortiz
Robert F. Stuart
Buddy Dyer
Patty Sheehan
Regina I. Hill
Samuel B. Ings

Welcome! We are very glad you have joined us for today's Council meeting. If you wish to speak to the City Council, please fill out an Appearance Request form. On the back of the form is important information about the different times for public comments. The form is found in the City Clerk's Office, or just outside Council Chambers, or at the dais in Chambers. Please give your completed form to the City Clerk. When you are recognized to speak, state your name and address and speak directly into the microphone. The Council is pleased to hear relevant comments; however a 5 minute limit is set by the City Code. Large groups are asked to name a spokesperson. Please note that no ringing electronic devices are allowed in Council Chambers. Thank you for participating in your City government and making Orlando truly "The City Beautiful."

Dr. Bishop Serge Amos Bohnomme, Haitian Vice-Consul/Foreign Affairs Ministers
(2)Pledge of Allegiance
Commissioner Samuel B. Ings
(3)Call to Order
(4)Determination of Quorum
(5)Consideration of Minutes
Workshop, Agenda Review and City Council Meeting Minutes - April 24, 2017
(1)Presenting2017 Historic Preservation Awards4
(2)PresentingGino Nicolas Memorial Scholarship Award5
(3)ProclaimingNational Missing Children’s DayALL
(4)ProclaimingMay as Haitian American Heritage MonthALL

Consent Agenda (the following items A-K will be acted upon by the City Council through a single vote. An item will be considered separately only upon request of a Council member and a confirming majority of the City Council.)
(1)ConfirmingCitizen Advisory Board Appointments/ReappointmentsALL
(2)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving Changes to Policy & Procedures - City Operations Committee Meeting - May 8, 2017ALL
(3)ApprovingCorporation for National & Community Service FY2017 Renewal ApplicationALL
(4)ApprovingEmployment Agreement with Janeiro R. Coulter, MBE Division Manager/Special Project Manager - Community Venues
(B)Business and Financial Services
(1)ApprovingAward to Hank Lowry Electric for Fire Security Alarm System Monitoring, Inspection, Testing, Maintenance Repair, IFB17-0205ALL
(2)AuthorizingReal Estate Division Manager to Execute Rental Agreements for Neighborhood Stabilization Program PropertiesALL
(3)ApprovingAward to PCL Construction, Inc., for Water Conserv II Water Reclamation RAS/WAS Scum and Biosolids System Improvements, IFB17-01306
(4)ApprovingAward to Progressive Waste Solutions of FL Inc., dba Waste Connections of Florida Inc., Harvest Power Orlando, LLC and Waste Management Inc. of Florida for the Processing and Disposal of Waste, IFB17-0017ALL
(5)ApprovingChange Order to Parkson Corporation for Aqua Guard Self Cleaning Bar/Filter Screen Rebuild/Retrofit, S17-0180ALL
(6)ApprovingAdvisory Committee Ranking and Authorization for the Chief Procurement Officer to Execute a Contract for Executive Level Disaster Consulting Services, RFP17-0181. The top ranked firm is Witt O’Brien’s, LLC.ALL
(7)ApprovingService Authorization to Southeastern Surveying and Mapping Corporation for 2017 ADA Transition Plan Update Project, RQS15-0152-1.ALL
(8)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Finance Committee for the Meeting of April 14, 2017ALL
(9)ApprovingAmendment to Contract with SecurAmerica, LLC for Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Services, RFP11-0035ALL
(10)ApprovingContract with CDM Smith, Inc. for Construction, Engineering and Inspection Services for Vineland Road and Lake Greenwood to Lake Davis Drainage Improvement Projects, RQS17-0054.ALL
(11)ApprovingParking License Agreement for 1404 W Church St with First Haitian Free Church5
(12)AdoptingResolution in Support of State Revolving Fund Loan Application WW48047ALL
(13)ApprovingUse of NJPA Contract with Staples Contract & Commercial, Inc. for the purchase of Office Supplies, C17-0320ALL
(14)ApprovingUse of State of Florida Contract with Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. for the purchase of Bullet Proof Vests and Body Armor, C17-0280ALL
(15)ApprovingContract with the Orange County School Board for Bus Transportation Services, C17-0326ALL
(C)Economic Development
(1)ApprovingA Final Minor Subdivision Plat titled Park Lake Highland3
(2)ApprovingAmendment No. 1 to Purchase Option Agreement for Creative Village5
(3)ApprovingA Final Minor Subdivision Plat titled Fortis East Mark St3
(4)ApprovingA Final Minor Subdivision Plat titled Lake Highland3
(5)ApprovingA Final Minor Subdivision Plat titled Silver Win3
(6)ApprovingA Final Minor Subdivision Plat titled Arby's 59274
(7)ApprovingA Final Minor Subdivision Plat titled Corporate Center1
(8)ApprovingA Final Major Subdivision Plat titled Laureate Park Ph 81
(9)ApprovingA Final Minor Subdivision Plat titled Education Village Phase 2A Lot 2 Replat1
(10)ApprovingA Final Minor Subdivision Plat titled Maudlin International Trucking Center4
(11)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Recommended Actions of the Creative Village Design Review Committee (CVDRC) - April 11, 20175
(12)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Municipal Planning Board for the Meeting of April 18, 2017ALL
(13)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Board of Zoning Adjustment - April 25, 20173,4,6
(14)AdoptingCommunity Contribution Tax Credit Program Resolution - Ability Housing, Inc.5
(15)ApprovingRenewal of Employment Agreement for Plans Examiner I Building - Brandon AlbrightALL
(16)ApprovingRenewal of Employment Agreement - Fire Safety Examiner I Contract - Tommy Paulk
(17)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Permit Technician I Part Time Contract - Jasmine BatesALL
(18)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Permit Technician I Part Time Contract -Yarbiel GarciaALL
(19)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Permit Technician I Contract - Claudio RodriguezALL
(20)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Permit Technician I Contract - Jane TkachALL
(21)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Municipal Planning Board for the Meeting of March 21, 2017 Part 2 of 2, Item # 2 ONLY - CUP2017-00001, Hillcrest Elementary.4
(D)Families, Parks and Recreation
No Agenda Items
No Agenda Items
No Agenda Items
(G)Orlando Venues
(1)ApprovingAgreement between Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. (DPAC) and Terracon Consultants, Inc. to Provide Construction Materials Testing Services for Stage 2 of the Dr. Phillips Center (DPC)ALL
(2)ApprovingAgreement between Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. (DPAC) and Universal Engineering Sciences, Provide Threshold Inspection Services for Stage 2 of the Dr. Phillips Center (DPC)ALL
(1)ApprovingPermits: SPEC0475520, “Kicking Up Dust Album Release Party”, Lake Eola Park, Fri. 5/19/17; SPEC6495833, “ArtsTown Market”, Pine Street between Orange Av./Court Av., Sundays: 5/21/17, 8/20/17 & 11/19/17; SPEC4416119, “Parliament House Concerts”, 410 N. Orange Blossom Tr., Sat-Mon, 5/27/17-5/29/17, Fri-Sun, 6/2-6/4/17, Sat. 7/1/17, Sat. 7/29/17, Sat-Sun. 9/2-9/3/17, Sat. 10/7/17 & 10/28/17, Tues. 10/31/17, Sun. 12/31/17; SPEC2377384, “Russian Ballet of Orlando Presents Snow White”, Lake Eola Park, Sat. 5/28/17; SPEC9734090, “Orlando Carnival Downtown”, 2019 W. Church St. and surrounding area, Sun. 5/28/17; SPEC5872075, “Make m’ Smile”, Lake Eola Park, Sat. 6/3/17; SPEC250790, “CommUNITY Rainbow Run”, Wadeview Park and surrounding area, Sat. 6/10/17; SPEC6794378, “One Year Remembrance Ceremony”, 1912 S. Orange Av., Mon. 6/12/17; SPEC2771885, "Pulse Day Of Remembrance", Lake Eola Park, Mon. 6/12/17; SPEC9032394, "Taste of Haiti Orlando", Gaston Edwards Park, Sat. 6/3/17.ALL
(I)Public Works
(1)ApprovingReleases of Easement between City and AFP 109 Corp./HJA Corp. relating to the former downtown Marriott site5
(2)ApprovingVarious Reclaimed Water Easements and Sanitary Sewer Easements between the City and Lake Nona Relating to the Sports Village1
(3)ApprovingSewer Line Easement Agreement between City of Orlando and Universal City Development Partners, Ltd.6
(4)ApprovingReclaim Water Easement Agreement between City of Orlando and Lake Nona Land Company1
No Agenda Items
(1)ApprovingSpecific Items Approved by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) at its April 19, 2017 MeetingALL
(2)ApprovingSubordination of Encumbrance to Property Rights of Orange CountyALL
Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)
(1)AcceptingCommunity Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board (CRAAB) Meeting Minutes - February 22, 20173,4,5
(2)ApprovingCommunity Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Meeting Minutes - April 10, 20173,4,5
(3)ApprovingCommunity Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Meeting Minutes - April 24, 20173,4,5
(4)ApprovingDowntown Facade and Building Stabilization Program Funding Agreement between the Community Redevelopment Agency and Pittman Industrial LLC for 400 Pittman Street, Orlando, Florida 32801.5
Neighborhood Improvement District - Board of Directors
(1)ApprovingMeeting Minutes and Actions of the April 12, 2017 Advisory Council of the Downtown South Neighborhood Improvement District4
OPEB Board of Trustees
(1)ApprovingSelection of HarbourVest Partners and Comvest Capital as investment managers for the OPEB Trust FundALL
New Business/Hearings
No Agenda Items
New Business
No Agenda Items
(1)ApprovingPurchase Agreement between the City and Creative Village Development, LLC (CVD) for the Sale of Creative Village Lot J5
Hearings/Emergency Ordinances
No Agenda Items
Hearings/Ordinances/1st Read
No Agenda Items
Hearings/Ordinances/2nd Read
(1)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2017-6 Designating the structure at 401 W. Livingston St, as an Orlando Historic Landmark5
(2)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2017-7 Designating the structure at 649 W. Bentley Street, as an Orlando Historic Landmark5
(3)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2017-14 annexes property located west of Clay Street, south of Oglesby Avenue and east of Formosa Avenue and is addressed as 1880 Oglesby Avenue (1880 Oglesby Avenue). (Economic Development)3
(4)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2017-15 amends the future land use designation from Public Recreational Institutional and the County’s Low Medium Density Residential to Neighborhood Activity Center and adds Subarea Policy S.2.5 on property located west of Clay Street, south of Oglesby Avenue, east of I-4 and north of Dartmouth Avenue (Calvary Assembly). (Economic Development)3
(5)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2017-23 repealing Chapter 24 (Fire Prevention Code) and adopting new Chapter 24 (Fire Prevention Code)ALL
Ordinances/1st Read
(1)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2017-24 amending Chapter 58 of the Land Development Code to provide flexible development standards, subject to appearance review, for vacant, non-conforming one and two-family residential lots in the Parramore Heritage Overlay District; amending Chapter 67 of the Land Development Code to update procedures and alternative development standards for certified affordable housing projects. (Economic Development)ALL
(2)ApprovingAn Ordinance No. 2017-25 Adding Medical Cannabis Dispensary Location Criteria and Performance Standards to Chapter 58 of the Land Development Code (Economic Development)ALL
Ordinances/2nd Read
No Agenda Items
No Agenda Items
Quasi-Judicial Hearings
No Agenda Items
Unfinished Business
No Agenda Items
For Information Only
(1)For Information OnlyMay 15, 2017, April 20, 2016, and May 18, 2016 Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) Meeting MinutesALL
(2)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - Families, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board - March 21, 2017ALL
(3)For Information OnlyFund Status Report for Period Ending March 31, 2017. (Formerly called Budget to Actual Financial Summary.)ALL
(4)For Information OnlyDowntown Development Board (DDB) Meeting Minutes - February 22, 20173,4,5
(5)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes of the Consultants' Qualifications Board held March 1, 2017 concerning Request for Proposals for Design Build Services for Fire Station 6, Fire Station 9, and Possibly Fire Station 13 - RQS17-0046
(6)AcceptingCity of Orlando Bond Disclosure Supplement for the Fiscal Year ended September 30, 2016
(7)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals - May 5, 2017ALL
(8)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - M/WBE Certification Board - March 29, 2017ALL
General Appearances
No Agenda Items

With respect to items for acceptance or information, City Council action is neither required nor necessary, and City Council approval (or disapproval) is not to be implied.

Any person who desires to appeal any decision at this meeting will need a record of the proceedings and, for this purpose, may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made which includes testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is based.


The City of Orlando is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reasonable accommodations, including equal access to communications, will be provided upon request. Requests for reasonable accommodations, with regard to equal access to communications, should be directed to the City of Orlando ADA coordinator at 407.246.2057.