Agenda For:

2:00 PM
April 18, 2016

Jim Gray
Tony Ortiz
Robert F. Stuart
Buddy Dyer
Patty Sheehan
Regina I. Hill
Samuel B. Ings

Welcome! We are very glad you have joined us for today's Council meeting. If you wish to speak to the City Council, please fill out an Appearance Request form. On the back of the form is important information about the different times for public comments. The form is found in the City Clerk's Office, or just outside Council Chambers, or at the dais in Chambers. Please give your completed form to the City Clerk. When you are recognized to speak, state your name and address and speak directly into the microphone. The Council is pleased to hear relevant comments; however a 5 minute limit is set by the City Code. Large groups are asked to name a spokesperson. Please note that no ringing electronic devices are allowed in Council Chambers. Thank you for participating in your City government and making Orlando truly "The City Beautiful."

Pastor Collin Outerbridge, Vista Community Church, 4200 South Chickasaw Trail, Orlando
(2)Pledge of Allegiance
Commissioner Robert F. Stuart, District 3
(3)Call to Order
(4)Determination of Quorum
(5)Consideration of Minutes
Agenda Review and City Council Meeting Minutes - March 28, 2016
(1)ProclaimingApril 2016 as Child Abuse Prevention MonthALL
(2)PresentingJefferson Awards Foundation Lead3602,3,5
(3)ProclaimingApril as Volunteer Appreciation Month 2016ALL
(4)ProclaimingApril as ONIC Prodigy MonthALL

Consent Agenda ( the following items A-J will be acted upon by the City Council through a single vote. An item will be considered separately only upon request of a Council member and a confirming majority vote of the City Council.)
No Agenda Items
(B)Business and Financial Services
(2)ApprovingUse of the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) Contract with Altec Industries, Inc. for the purchase of one (1) hybrid-electric articulating telescopic aerial device truck, C16-0254ALL
(3)ApprovingAward to The Budd Group, Inc. for Mowing and Ground Maintenance of Ballfields and Minor Parks, IFB16-0194ALL
(4)ApprovingContinued Use of GSA Schedule GS-35F-0119Y for Web Content Delivery Services with Carahsoft Technology Corp, C11-0343ALL
(5)ApprovingRelease of Easement between City of Orlando and Orlando Utilities Commission5
(6)ApprovingPurchase of Playground Equipment for Mathews Park from Rep Services, Inc., N16-02563
(7)ApprovingAmendment to Increase Contract amount for HVAC Mechanical Services, IFB15-0411ALL
(8)ApprovingAmendment to Contract with SecurAmerica, LLC for Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Services at various City locations, RFP11-0035ALL
(9)ApprovingContract with the Orange County School Board for Bus Transportation Services, C16-0242ALL
(10)ApprovingContract Change Order with McCree General Contractors, Inc. for Design Build Services for Fire Station No. 25
(C)Economic Development
(1)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Appearance Review Board (ARB) – March 17, 20163
(2)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Municipal Planning Board for the Meeting of March 15, 2016ALL
(3)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Southeast Town Design Review Committee (SETDRC) - March 10, 20161
(4)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Board of Zoning Adjustment - March 22, 20163,4,5,6
(5)AdoptingJust Program LLC d/b/a Solodev Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund Resolution Amendment3
(6)ApprovingResolution Supporting Restoration of Amtrak Passenger Rail Service between New Orleans, Louisiana and Orlando, FloridaALL
(7)ApprovingPetition for Voluntary Annexation: Formosa North (ANX2016-00002)3
(8)ApprovingEmployee Contract for Permit Technician I- in Permitting Services - Edwin MunozALL
(9)ApprovingEmployee Contract for Permit Technician I- In Permitting Services- Paul AshworthALL
(10)ApprovingEmployee Contract for Construction Inspector III- In Permitting Services- Ricci ToddALL
(11)Approving2016 USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program Grant Application and Memorandum of Understanding5,6
(D)Families, Parks and Recreation
No Agenda Items
(1)AcceptingFire Prevention and Safety GrantALL
No Agenda Items
(G)Orlando Venues
(1)ApprovingEmployment Contract for Accounting Specialist II - Christine VazquezALL
(2)ApprovingRanking of Firms to Provide Construction Manager Services for the Dr. Phillips Center (DPC)--Stage IIALL
(1)ApprovingPermits: OLP0240161, "Cinco de Mayo Party", 5801 Conroy Rd. Req. Ext. of Hours on 5/5/16, 2 pm until 2:30 am; SPEC4862896, "Orlando Pride Movie Night", Lake Eola Park, Fri., 4/22/16; SPEC3286591, "Paws for Peace Walk", Blue Jacket Park, Sat., 4/23/16; SPEC6287533, "Central Florida Earth Day", Lake Eola Park, Sat., 4/23/16; SPEC9874579, "Salsa & Sazon Latin Food & Music Festival", Magnolia & Amelia, Sun., 4/24/16; SPEC7251117, "Movieola", Lake Eola Park, various dates bet. 4/29 & 8/26/16; SPEC9660575, "Dancing on the Drive", Edgewater bet. Smith & Winter Park St., Sat., 4/30/16; SPEC3127825, "March for Babies", Lake Eola Park, Sat., 4/30/16; SPEC4626093, Hunger Relief Day", Parramore bet. South & Anderson, Sat., 4/30/16; SPEC0545771, "Walk for Life", Blue Jacket Park, Blue Jacket Park, Sat., 4/30/16; SPEC7636387, "Florida Salsa Festival", Eola bet. Pine & Mariposa, Sun., 5/1/16; SPEC9653398, "Best Buddies Walk", Lake Eola Park, Sat., 5/7/16; SPEC8300487, "Fight for Air Run/Walk", Harbor Park, Sat., 5/7/16; SPEC9524278, "Free Movie Night", Loch Haven Park, Sat., 5/7/16; SPEC7120703, "Reggae on the Block", Washington & Jefferson bet. Orange & RR Tracks, Sat., 5/7/16; SPEC1556004, "Tough Biker", Downtown City Streets, Sat., 5/7/16; SPEC6813216, "Law Day 5K", Harbor Park, Sat., 5/14/16; SPEC7181883, "Orlando Fringe Festival", Loch Haven Park, Thur., 5/19/16 thru Mon., 5/30/16; SPEC1337138 “Orlando Kiddie Carnival”, Orlando Festival Park, Sun. 5/1/16; SPEC5327686 “Cinco De Mayo Street Party”, 41 W. Church Street, Thur. 5/5/16; SPEC9648523 “Baldwin Park First Friday Festival”, New Broad Street bet. Meeting Pl. & Welham St., Fridays 5/6, 6/3, 7/1, 8/5, 9/2 & 10/7/16ALL
(I)Public Works
(1)ApprovingEngineering Standards Manual, 5th EditionALL
(2)ApprovingEmployment Contract for Contract Wastewater Project Consultant - Roy PelletierALL
(3)ApprovingAssignment of Drainage Easement Agreement between Myrtle Creek Improvement District and City of Orlando1
(4)ApprovingNashville Alley Restrictive Covenant5
(5)ApprovingBrownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement5
(1)ApprovingNon-Exclusive Underground Transmission Pipe Utility Easement Agreement between City, Orlando Utilities Commission, and Orange County1
(2)ApprovingRelease of Easement - PBP Apartments, LLC3
(3)AcceptingSpecific Items Approved by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) at its February 17 and March 16, 2016 MeetingsALL
Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)
(1)AcceptingCommunity Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board (CRAAB) Meeting Minutes - February 24, 20163,4,5
(2)ApprovingCommunity Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Meeting Minutes - March 14, 20163,4,5
(3)ApprovingAmendment One to Downtown Relocation Assistance Program Agreement3,4,5
(4)ApprovingDowntown Facade and Building Stabilization Program Funding Agreement between the Community Redevelopment Agency and Parramore Place LLC for 436 South Parramore Avenue, Orlando, FL 328055
Neighborhood Improvement District - Board of Directors
(1)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving Actions of the March 9, 2016 Downtown South Neighborhood Improvement District Advisory Council4
OPEB Board of Trustees
No Agenda Items
New Business/Hearings
No Agenda Items
New Business
No Agenda Items
(1)ApprovingThe Fifth Amendment to Amended DRI Development Order for Semoran Commercenter Development of Regional Impact (Economic Development)1
Hearings/Emergency Ordinances
No Agenda Items
Hearings/Ordinances/1st Read
No Agenda Items
Hearings/Ordinances/2nd Read
(1)AdoptingOrdinance 2016-39 Amending The Code Of The City Of Orlando, Florida, Relating To Communication Facilities; Clarifying Regulations For Communication Towers; Establishing New Regulations For Wireless Communication Facilities; Amending Title I, Subtitle A, General Ordinances, Chapter 23, Communications Right-Of-Way Utilization, To Include Regulation For Wireless Communication Facilities In Public Rights-Of-Way; Amending Title I, Subtitle B, Land Development Code, Chapter 58, Zoning Districts And Uses, Part 4o To Add Review Procedures And Requirements For The Siting, Design, Location, And Abandonment Of Wireless Communication Facilities; Amending Chapter 65 Officers, Boards And Procedures To Add And Amend Review Procedures For Communication Towers And Wireless Communications Facilities In The Historic Preservation Overlay District And The Downtown Development District; Amending Chapter 66, Definitions (Economic Development)ALL
(2)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2016-9 rezones +/-12.94 ac. property generally located north of W. Livingston St., south of W. Amelia Ave., and west of N. Parramore Ave. from, in part, I-G/T/PH, MU-1/T/PH and R-2A/T/PH to P/T/PH (Parramore PS-8 School). (Economic Development)5
(3)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2016-40 relating to afterhours nightclubsALL
Ordinances/1st Read
(1)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2016-41, Relating to Stormwater Requirements; Amending Chapters 63 and 65, Orlando City Code to Clarify Specific Freeboard, Water Management District, and Storm Event Duration Requirements (Economic Development)ALL
(2)ApprovingProposed ordinance #2016-36, relating to the possession of cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia.ALL
Ordinances/2nd Read
No Agenda Items
No Agenda Items
Quasi-Judicial Hearings
No Agenda Items
Unfinished Business
No Agenda Items
For Information Only
(1)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - Harry P. Leu Gardens Board - February 24, 20163
(2)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - Downtown Development Board (DDB) - February 24, 20163,4,5
(3)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - Families, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board - February 16, 2016ALL
(4)For Information OnlyCity of Orlando 2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)ALL
(5)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - M/WBE Certification Board - February 24, 2016ALL
(6)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - General Employees' Pension Advisory Committee - March 3, 2016ALL
(7)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes of the Consultants' Qualifications Board held March 15, 2016 concerning Request for Proposals for Continuing Professional Structural Engineering Services - RQS16-00164ALL
(8)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - Citizens' Police Review Board - March 3, 2016ALL
General Appearances
No Agenda Items

With respect to items for acceptance or information, City Council action is neither required nor necessary, and City Council approval (or disapproval) is not to be implied.

Any person who desires to appeal any decision at this meeting will need a record of the proceedings and, for this purpose, may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made which includes testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is based.


The City of Orlando is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reasonable accommodations, including equal access to communications, will be provided upon request. Requests for reasonable accommodations, with regard to equal access to communications, should be directed to the City of Orlando ADA coordinator at 407.246.2057.