Agenda For:

2:00 PM
February 8, 2016

Jim Gray
Tony Ortiz
Robert F. Stuart
Buddy Dyer
Patty Sheehan
Regina I. Hill
Samuel B. Ings

Welcome! We are very glad you have joined us for today's Council meeting. If you wish to speak to the City Council, please fill out an Appearance Request form. On the back of the form is important information about the different times for public comments. The form is found in the City Clerk's Office, or just outside Council Chambers, or at the dais in Chambers. Please give your completed form to the City Clerk. When you are recognized to speak, state your name and address and speak directly into the microphone. The Council is pleased to hear relevant comments; however a 5 minute limit is set by the City Code. Large groups are asked to name a spokesperson. Please note that no ringing electronic devices are allowed in Council Chambers. Thank you for participating in your City government and making Orlando truly "The City Beautiful."

Reverend Kathy Schmitz, 1st Unitarian Church of Orlando, 1901 East Robinson Street, Orlando
(2)Pledge of Allegiance
Commissioner Regina I. Hill, District 5
(3)Call to Order
(4)Determination of Quorum
(5)Consideration of Minutes
Sunrail Workshop Minutes, Agenda Review and City Council Meeting Minutes - January 25, 2016
(1)ProclaimingFebruary 2016 as Black History MonthALL
(2)PresentingAmericans for the Arts AwardALL

Consent Agenda ( the following items A-J will be acted upon by the City Council through a single vote. An item will be considered separately only upon request of a Council member and a confirming majority vote of the City Council.)
(1)ConfirmingOrlando Utilities Commission AppointmentALL
(B)Business and Financial Services
(1)ApprovingSpecial Warranty Deed and Reservation of Easements Agreement between CRP-GREP Elan Audubon Owner, LLC and City of Orlando4
(2)ApprovingUse of the Florida Sheriff's Association Contract with Alan Jay Toyota, Scion, for the purchase of four (4) Toyota Camry Hybrid automobiles, C16-0170ALL
(4)ApprovingIncreased Utilization of US Communities Contract MA-lS-1340234 with Graybar Electric Company, Inc. for the Purchase of Electrical Supplies, C13-0092ALL
(C)Economic Development
(1)AuthorizingInitiation of the 2016 Summer Cycle of Growth Management Plan Amendments (Economic Development)ALL
(2)ApprovingPetition for Voluntary Annexation - Pioneers Project (ANX2015-00029)(Economic Development)1
(3)ApprovingPetition for Voluntary Annexation: Narcoossee Cove I & II (ANX2015-00028)1
(4)AdoptingLimbach Facility Services, LLC Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund Resolution Amendment4
(5)ApprovingBusiness Assistance Program Agreement between Perez of Florida, Inc. d/b/a Zaza New Cuban Diner and the City of Orlando - 3500 Curry Ford Road1
(6)ApprovingA Final Minor Subdivision Plat titled Wewahootee Middle School1
(7)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Construction Inspector I - ElectricalALL
(8)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Construction Inspector I - PlumbingALL
(9)ApprovingMemorandum of Understanding between City of Orlando and University of Central Florida regarding plans for a Downtown Campus5
(10)ApprovingA Final Minor Subdivision plan titled Madison Hollow5
(11)ApprovingA Final Minor Subdivision Plat titled Baker St Subdivision4
(12)ApprovingEmployment Contract for Permit Technician I - Sharee GandyALL
(13)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Contract Permit Technician I - Tamira FarmerALL
(14)AcceptingMeeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Appearance Review Board (ARB) – January 21, 20164,5
(D)Families, Parks and Recreation
(1)ApprovingCommunity Support Program for Foster ChildrenALL
(2)ApprovingEmployment Agreement - Star L. Hudspath, ASAS Director of External AffairsALL
No Agenda Items
No Agenda Items
(G)Orlando Venues
(1)ApprovingEmployment Agreement for Venues BLUEPRINT SpecialistALL
(1)ApprovingApplication for FY 2016-2017 Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Highway Safety Grant-Concept Paper for Orlando Police DUI Enforcement TeamALL
(2)ApprovingPermit: SPEC6685668, "Let the Games Begin", Loch Haven Park Bowl, Sat., 2/27/16; SPEC6677588, "Blues BQ", City Commons Plaza, Sat., 2/27/16; SPEC0319360, "Purple Pride 5K", Lake Eola Park, Thur., 3/3/16; SPEC0861096, "Walk a Mile in her Shoes", Heritage Square Park, Thur., 3/3/16; SPEC1117170, "Smile Mile", Fashion Square Mall, Sat., 3/5/16; SPEC4642854, "Best Damn Race", Lake Eola Park, Sat., 3/5/16; SPEC1786731, "Doggie Derby", Baldwin Park, Sat., 3/5/16; SPEC3750995, "Orlando Harley Davidson's Bike Week", Sat., 3/5/16 thru Sun., 3/13/16; SPEC7841120, "Site & Sole Walk Fest", Harbor Park, Sat., 3/5/16; SPEC7592652, "DPAC 1st Anniversary Concert", Seneff Arts Plaza, Sat., 3/12/16; SPEC4234137, "Southeastern Guide Dogs Walkathon", Harbor Park, Sat., 3/12/16; SPEC1489165, "Walk to Defeat ALS", Lake Eola Park, Sat., 3/13/16; SPEC7314755, "Sunday in the Park', Dartmouth Park, Sun., 3/13/16.ALL
(I)Public Works
(1)ApprovingMemorandum of Amended and Restated Operation and Use AgreementALL
Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)
(1)AcceptingCommunity Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board (CRAAB) Meeting Minutes - December 9, 20153,4,5
(2)ApprovingDowntown Facade and Building Stabilization Program Funding Agreement between the Community Redevelopment Agency and Nikki’s Place, Inc. for 742 West Carter Street, Orlando, FL 32805.5
(3)ApprovingDowntown Facade and Building Stabilization Program Funding Agreement between the Community Redevelopment Agency, Griner’s Embroidery & Silk Screening Co., and The Estate of Helen C. Rudzki for 510 North Parramore Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801.5
Neighborhood Improvement District - Board of Directors
(1)AcceptingMeeting Minutes of the Downtown South Neighborhood Improvement District Advisory Council for January 13, 20164
OPEB Board of Trustees
No Agenda Items
New Business/Hearings
No Agenda Items
New Business
No Agenda Items
No Agenda Items
Hearings/Emergency Ordinances
No Agenda Items
Hearings/Ordinances/1st Read
No Agenda Items
Hearings/Ordinances/2nd Read
(1)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2015-46 Amending Part 4, Chapter 67 of the City Code titled "Affordable Housing Advisory Committee"ALL
(2)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2015-47 amends the future land use designation from Residential Low Intensity to Industrial and amends subarea policy S.3.3 to allow certain vehicle access to and from the site for property located north of W.D. Judge Road, east of Mercy Drive, south of W. New Hampshire Street and west of N. John Young Parkway (Princeton Oaks). (Economic Development)5
(3)AdoptingOrdinance 2016-7 Rezoning from P/AN to MU-1/AN for property located at the southwest corner of Daetwyler Drive and Jetport Drive (Southport Mixed Use) (Economic Development)1
(4)AdoptingOrdinance 2016-20 Amending the Growth Management Plan to Change the Future Land Use Designation from Conservation to Urban Village and Rezoning from C/AN to PD/AN for property located to the southeast of the intersection of Humboldt Drive and Laureate Boulevard (Lake Nona Cell Tower) (Economic Development)1
(5)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2015-45 Regional Public Facility Digital Sign for Lake Nona High School (LDC2015-00369) (Economic Development)(District 1)1
(6)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2016-3 annexing, assigning future land use and zoning for property at 1730 E. Jersey Ave. (Economic Development)4
(7)AdoptingOrdinance No. 2016-12 annexing, assigning future land use and zoning to property at 1931 S. Fern Creek Ave. (Economic Development)4
Ordinances/1st Read
(1)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2016-15 Designating Land Generally Located North Of Gatlin Ave., East Of Barber Park, South Of Lake George, And West Of Dixie Belle Dr., Comprised Of Approximately 36.34 Acres as the Public Use With The Aircraft Noise Overlay District amending the City’s Official Zoning Maps (Barber Park, Economic Development)1
(2)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2016-2 annexes property located east of Narcoossee Road, north of Tyson Road and west of Lake Whippoorwill and assigns Planned Development zoning. (Tyson’s Corner II). (Economic Development)1
(3)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2016-17 annexes, assigns residential low intensity future land use and an initial zoning of R-2A/T for property located at 2608 S Brown Ave. (Economic Development)4
(4)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2016-16 annexes, assigns Community Activity Center future land use and an initial zoning of AC-1/AN/SP for property located at 5630 Hoffner Ave. (Economic Development)1
(5)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2016-21 assigning Planned Development zoning for property located north of Curry Ford Road, east and south of Camellia Garden Drive, and west of Colton Drive (6933 Curry Ford Road/Big Dog Driving Range). (Economic Development)2
(6)ApprovingOrdinance No. 2016-23 amends the zoning from Planned Development (“PD”) with the Wekiva overlay and no City zoning to Planned Development (“PD”) with the Wekiva overlay for property located north of W.D. Judge Road, east of Mercy Drive, south of W. New Hampshire Street and west of N. John Young Parkway (Princeton Oaks). (Economic Development)5
Ordinances/2nd Read
No Agenda Items
No Agenda Items
Quasi-Judicial Hearings
(1)ApprovingRecommended Order for QJ 2015-005 - Princeton Oaks5
Unfinished Business
No Agenda Items
For Information Only
(1)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes of the Consultants' Qualifications Board held December 17, 2015 concerning Request for Proposals for Design Build Services for Professional Engineering Consulting Services for the Final Design of the Econlockhatchee Trail Roadway Expansion Project RQS16-00941
(2)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes of the Risk Management Committee for December 02, 2015ALL
(3)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - Nominating Board - October 14, 2015ALL
(4)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - Nominating Board - November 11, 2015ALL
(5)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - Families, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board - December 15, 2015ALL
(6)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes - Downtown Development Board (DDB) - December 9, 20153,4,5
(7)For Information OnlyFund Status Report for Period Ending December 31, 2015. (Formerly called Budget to Actual Financial Summary.)ALL
(8)For Information OnlyMeeting Minutes- Commissioners' Lunch - 1-11-161,3
General Appearances
No Agenda Items

With respect to items for acceptance or information, City Council action is neither required nor necessary, and City Council approval (or disapproval) is not to be implied.

Any person who desires to appeal any decision at this meeting will need a record of the proceedings and, for this purpose, may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made which includes testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is based.


The City of Orlando is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reasonable accommodations, including equal access to communications, will be provided upon request. Requests for reasonable accommodations, with regard to equal access to communications, should be directed to the City of Orlando ADA coordinator at 407.246.2057.