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September 25, 2017
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Employment Agreement - Star L. Hudspath, ASAS Director of External Affairs


Over the past several years, Orlando After-School All-Stars (ASAS) has experienced significant expansion of its student services as a result of successful grants management and student achievement. To build upon these successes, in 2015 the Orlando ASAS Board of Directors voted to allocate sufficient non-profit funding to cover the cost of a full time ASAS Director of External Affairs. The position is responsible for donor development, external relations and fundraising, and operates under the direction of Tyler Chandler, the ASAS State Director. 

On February 8, 2016, Orlando City Council approved the employment agreement for Ms. Star Hudspath, to serve as the ASAS Director of External Affairs. Ms. Hudspath directs and coordinates the development and execution of the ASAS Orlando fundraising plan and is responsible for maintaining relationships with government, foundations, and individual partners, as well as raising public awareness of ASAS.

By approving this contract, the City of Orlando will extend Ms. Hudspath contract through the coming fiscal year.  The City will incur no new financial obligations as a result of this Agreement. The Orlando ASAS non-profit will reimburse the City of Orlando for any and all costs associated with this position.

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: See attached.

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Approve the attached Employment Agreement with Ms. Star L. Hudspath and authorize signature by the Mayor/Mayor Pro Tem and City Clerk, subject to satisfactory review by the City Attorney's Office.

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Note: All agenda items must be in the City Clerk's office by Noon Friday, six(6) business days prior to the regular Monday City Council meeting.

Contact: Tyler Chander; Stacy A Marrero
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 9/18/2017 9:41 AM
City Clerk 9/18/2017 10:48 AM

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