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July 24, 2017
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Ordinance No. 2017-48 Relating to Regulation of Structures and Objects of Natural Growth in the Vicinity of Orlando International Airport and Orlando Executive Airport; Amending Chapter 5, Chapter 58, Chapter 65, and Chapter 66, Orlando City Code, to Provide Regulations for Airport Height Zoning Permits, the Airport Board of Adjustment, the Proximity of Sanitary Landfills to the Airports, and Enforcement and Penalties (Economic Development)


The proposed Orlando City Code/Land Development Code Amendment implements updates to Chapters 5, 58, 65, and 66 in order to ensure compliance with Chapter 333, Florida Statutes.  Chapter 333, which is related to airport zoning, was amended during the 2016 legislative session, requiring local governments to update their airport zoning regulations to conform with the requirements of Chapter 333 by July 1, 2017.  Chapter 333 requires that the LDC address the following four (4) subject areas: 1) Aircraft Noise; 2) Education Facilities; 3) Sanitary Landfills; and 4) Tall Structure Permits.  In reviewing Chapter 333, staff determined that the City's LDC is consistent with the statute in regards to aircraft noise and educational facilities, but that changes would be required to comply with the provisions related to sanitary landfills and tall structure permits.  

The sanitary landfill provisions are very minor, while the tall structure permit concept represents the most significant change component of the proposed LDC amendments. Essentially, the State is requiring that local governments issue a permit for tall structures that impact an airport's imaginary airspace surfaces in such a way as to cause an obstruction.  They are shifting responsibility for such permits from the Florida Department of Transportation to local government.

Chapter 333 allows jurisdictions impacted by an airport's imaginary airspace surfaces to enter into an Interlocal Agreement so long as each jurisdiction's regulations contain substantially the same content.  On June 19, 2017, the Orlando City Council approved the Interlocal Agreement and the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority approved the same agreement on June 21, 2017.  It is anticipated that Orange County, Seminole County,Osceola County, Winter Park, Oviedo, Belle Isle, and Kissimmee will approve the Interlocal Agreement and subsequently amend their land development regulations over the next few months.

The Municipal Planning Board considered the draft airport zoning LDC revisions at their meeting of April 19, 2017.  Following approval on 1st Reading, it is anticipated that the proposed ordinance will be adopted in August.

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Approval of the attached Ordinance No. 2017-48 on first reading and authorize the Mayor and City Council to present the draft ordinance at the next available City Council meeting for second reading, hearing, and adoption.

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