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June 19, 2017
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State Legislative Support for Parramore Kidz Zone


Since 2014, members of our area's Legislative Delegation have worked diligently to allocate State funding for Florida Children's Initiative (FCI).  FCI aims to "move the needle" on children's academic performance, juvenile crime, and other indicators of child well-being in targeted Florida neighborhoods. To date, three neighborhoods have been designated as Florida Children's Initiatives - Orlando's Parramore community (Parramore Kidz Zone - PKZ), New Town in Jacksonville (New Town Success Zone), and Liberty City in Miami (Miami Children's Initiative).

As the result of the diligence of our delegation members, funding has been included in the State budget for FCI since 2014.

During the 2017 legislative session, Representative Bruce Antone, Senator Randolph Bracy, and Senator David Simmons continued this successful effort by working diligently to appropriate $600,000 for FCI, of which $200,000 will be allocated toward Parramore Kidz Zone's Youth Employment program and activities that support children's academic achievement.

Mayor Dyer will call upon Ms. Lisa Early, Director of Families, Parks and Recreation, who will thank Representative Antone and Senators Bracy and Simmons for their support of this important initiative, and offer each of them an opportunity to speak briefly at the podium.  This will be followed by photos of the delegation members, Mayor Dyer, District 5 Commissioner Regina I. Hill, PKZ staff and youth from Parramore community. 

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Recognize Representative Antone, Senator Bracy and Senator Simmons for their successful efforts to support Parramore Kidz Zone.

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