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June 5, 2017
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Third Amendment to the Embankment Funding Agreement between Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and All Aboard Florida-Operations, LLC related to Funding Drainage Work at the Midfield Cross Taxi-Way at Orlando International Airport

The City, GOAA and All Aboard Florida, LLC, "AAF," entered into a Rail Line Easement Agreement on January 22, 2014 which governs the parties rights and obligations related to the development of an inter-city rail project with a terminus at the Orlando International Airport.  In conjunction with work under the Easement Agreement, GOAA and AAF, with the City's Joinder and Consent, entered into an Embankment Funding Agreement, as amended by that First Amendment to the Embankment Funding Agreement on December 23, 2015 and the Second Amendment to the Embankment Funding Agreement on January 30, 2017, to allocate responsibility for construction of certain rail infrastructure improvements.  GOAA and AAF desire to amend the Embankment Funding Agreement further to revise terms related to construction of drainage revisions at OIA's Midfield Cross Taxiway.  

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Approval of the attached Third Amendment to Embankment Funding Agreement and authorization for the Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem to execute the Joinder to the Agreement, subject to the review and approval of the City Attorney's Office.  

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Budget Outside Routing Approval 5/24/2017 3:39 PM
City Clerk 5/24/2017 4:05 PM

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Third_Amendment_to_Embankment_Funding_Agreement_5.3.17.pdf Amendment Backup Material

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