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June 19, 2017
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FY 2016 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding agreement between the City of Orlando and Housing and Neighborhood Development Services of Central Florida, Inc. (HANDS)

On July 25, 2016, City Council approved, as part of the FY 2016 Annual Action Plan, a request from HANDS in the amount of $40,228 and will use these funds to establish a homebuyers' club in the Parramore neighborhood.  The homebuyers' club will be marketed to the Parramore residents and will be designed to assist individuals improve their credit worthiness in preparation for homeownership. The program will include a marketing campaign, group meetings, and individual housing counseling for approximately 60 clients in the Parramore area. 

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: FY 2016 HUD - Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding was approved on 7/25/2016 as part of the Annual Action Plan.  

Recommended Action:
Approve and authorize the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute the agreement with Housing and Neighborhood Development Services of Central Florida, Inc. in the amount of Forty Thousand Two Hundred Twenty-Eight Dollars ($40,228) after review of the documents by the City Attorney's Office and Assistant Controller.

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Note: All agenda items must be in the City Clerk's office by Noon Friday, six(6) business days prior to the regular Monday City Council meeting.

Contact: Sonia Carnaval, Housing and Community Development Manager, x3326.
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 5/24/2017 3:46 PM
Grants 5/24/2017 4:10 PM
City Clerk 5/24/2017 4:19 PM

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F8_FY_16-17_CDBG_HANDS_Fiscal_Impact_Statement.docx Fiscal Impact Statement Backup Material
HANDS_$40%2c228_(Homebuyer%27s_Club)_final.docx Agreement Backup Material

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