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February 27, 2017
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Temporary Use Permits for Orlando City Soccer to Allow Media, Employee and Spectator Parking on Unimproved Surfaces on Multiple Properties for the 2017 MLS Season (LDC2017-00055)


Orlando City Soccer Club (OCSC) requests temporary use permits for a total of five lots, as described below:

1.     To allow parking for media and employees on an unimproved lot at 925 W. Church St. during event days. This property, approximately 700 ft. west of the Orlando City stadium, is city-owned, has chain-link fencing around the perimeter and one access driveway from Church St. OCSC’s application notes Church St. would be closed at Westmoreland Dr. five hours before the start of each game. Parking would occur on this lot for approximately 29 Orlando City and Orlando Pride match days. OCSC states: "The vehicles parking in this lot will belong to credentialed media with parking passes. No cash sales will occur at this location. Lanier Parking will be managing the property to check passes and efficiently direct vehicles in a safe and courteous manner. Vehicles will be parked facing east or west with 10’ drive lanes between rows and a 10’ drive lane on the south end perpendicular to the driveway. As indicated in the submitted images, there is an existing 20’+ shell driveway with a gate off W Church St. The gate will be locked on non-game days unless a currently unscheduled special event will require use. In that case the City will be notified well in advance."

2.     To allow visitor parking and tailgating at the four unimproved lots listed below, on 17 MLS gamedays. These lots will be used three hours before scheduled kick-off until one hour after match ends. OCSC indicates: “The vehicles parking in this lot will belong to fans who have pre-paid for a space in one of the respective lots and will be issued parking passes for admission. Fan code of conduct including noise limitations, overall behaviors, and respect for the neighborhood will be prominently posted at each location... This code of [conduct] will also be communicated to the fans purchasing these spaces. No cash sales will occur at these locations. Lanier Parking will be managing the property to check passes and efficiently direct vehicles in a safe and courteous manner. Lanier is also responsible to monitor the lots until all vehicles have left. The property owner has agreed to clean the lots of all debris pre and post event. OCSC will provide portable toilets including ADA accessible units in each lot on game days. We have requested the property owner secure the lots on non-game days.”  

The tailgating properties (for request #2 above) are:

  • 802 West Church St - Lot P
  • 749 West South St - Lot Q
  • 616 West South St- Lot R
  • 537 West South St- Lot S

Note, one condition of approval for these latter four lots is that no tailgating shall occur after the end of the 7pm matches. 

A map showing all available parking for the MLS stadium is attached; the four tailgating lots are labeled P, Q, R, and S. Also attached is the men's team 2017 schedule.  The team is still preparing the parking lot layouts and lighting locations for the four lots; these must be reviewed and approved by staff before these lots are utilized.


Fiscal & Efficiency Data: N/A

Recommended Action:

Approve the requested Temporary Use Permit for five properties as described herein for a period expiring at the termination of the Orlando City Soccer club's participation in the 2017 season (December 2017 at the latest), subject to the following conditions:

  • Lots shall be properly secured and signed so that they will not be used for parking during any other times.
  • Portable lighting and generator locations must be located in a manner that is least disruptive to nearby residences.
  • Temporary use will only be for the duration of this season, ending in October or at the end of any playoffs or finals; THERE WILL BE NO RENEWALS.
  • No other improvements will be required on these lots; however, they need to be properly maintained (and mowed, where appropriate) and free of debris and trash.

The approval for the four tailgating lots is subject to the following additional conditions:

  • Lots shall operate only on OCSC (men's team) game days starting no earlier than three hours before match kickoff.  Tailgating activities can occur only up until the beginning of the matches that start at or after 7 p.m.; that is, no tailgating may occur after the conclusion of those late matches. 
  • General rules of conduct must be posted so that guests understand that these lots are located in residential areas and they need to respectful (e.g. no boombox playing)
  • Security to be provided on site from the time lot opens until a reasonable time after the end of the game.

Agenda Item attachment(s) on file in the City Clerks Office.

Note: All agenda items must be in the City Clerk's office by Noon Friday, six(6) business days prior to the regular Monday City Council meeting.

Contact: Karl Wielecki, 407.246.2726,
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