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February 13, 2017
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Citizen Advisory Board Annual Reports


In accordance with Sec. 2.124 Orlando City Code, each City board is required to prepare an annual report on its activities. There are 21 boards which are required to file an annual report. Attached are the annual reports for the 21 City boards for Fiscal Year 2015-16, together with a highlight of each board’s activities.

The City’s volunteer board members contributed 2,205 hours of service in FY 2015-16.  Demographic information for the City board membership as of 9/30/16 is attached.      

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: N/A

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Note: All agenda items must be in the City Clerk's office by Noon Friday, six(6) business days prior to the regular Monday City Council meeting.

Contact: Stephanie Herdocia, Ext. 2595
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 2/1/2017 2:51 PM
City Clerk 2/1/2017 4:26 PM

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Annual_Reports_Summary.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Reports Summary Backup Material
Annual_Report_Demographic_Details_FY_2015-16.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Reports Demographic Details Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-AFFORDABLE_HOUSING_ADVISORY_COMMITTEE.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Affordable Housing Advisory Committee Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-APPEARANCE_REVIEW_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Appearance Review Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-AUDIT_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Audit Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-BOARD_OF_ZONING_ADJUSTMENT.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Board of Zoning Adjustment Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-BUILDING___FIRE_CODES_BOARD_OF_APPEAL.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Building & Fire Codes Board of Appeal Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-CERTIFICATION_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Certification Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-CHAPTER_57_REVIEW_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Chapter 57 Review Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-CITIZENS_POLICE_REVIEW_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Citizens' Police Review Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-CIVIL_SERVICE_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Civil Service Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-CODE_ENFORCEMENT_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Code Enforcement Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-CRIMINAL_NUISANCE_ABATEMENT_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Criminal Nuisance Abatement Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-DOWNTOWN_DEVELOPMENT_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Downtown Development Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-DOWNTOWN_SOUTH_NEIGHBORHOOD_IMPROVEMENT_DISTRICT_ADVISORY_COUNCIL.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Downtown South Neighborhood Advisory Council Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-FAMILIES_PARKS___RECREATION_ADVISORY_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Families, Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-HARRY_P._LEU_GARDENS_BOARD_OF_TRUSTEES.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Harry P. Leu Gardens Board of Trustees Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-HISTORIC_PRESERVATION_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Historic Preservation Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-MENNELLO_MUSEUM_OF_AMERICAN_ART_BOARD_OF_TRUSTEES.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Mennello Museum Board of Trustees Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-MUNICIPAL_PLANNING_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Municipal Planning Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-NOMINATING_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Nominating Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-PUBLIC_ART_ADVISORY_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Public Art Advisory Board Backup Material
2015-16_ANNUAL_REPORT_-VEHICLES_FOR_HIRE_APPEAL_BOARD.pdf FY 2015-16 Annual Report - Vehicles for Hire Appeal Board Backup Material

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