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September 26, 2016
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Amended Quiet Zone Improvement Agreement Amendment 1 between the State of Florida Department of Transportation “FDOT” and the City of Orlando.


The City of Orlando is entering into a Quiet Zone Improvement Agreement with the State of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), in accordance with their Adopted Five Year Work Program, to undertake and complete the Quiet Zone Improvements Project.

The Project consists of the design and construction of quiet zone improvements located within the geographic limits of the SunRail corridor. FDOT will perform the necessary preliminary engineering, prepare any and all design plans, perform the construction, provide all necessary engineering supervision, and otherwise perform all other necessary work, as may be applicable for the Quiet Zone Improvements as described in the scope of work (Exhibit A).

The original agreement was approved by City Council on June 15, 2015 with a projected cost of $2,492,560.00.  At that time FDOT had approved funding of 35% or $872,396.00. 

On June 13, 2016, City Council approved a amendment to the agreement which authorized $300,000.00 of additional City funding to match an additional $300,000.00 that FDOT had made available for the project. This amendment was never executed by FDOT.  Subsequent to approval of the amended agreement, FDOT revised the available funding a second time. 

The current contribution available from FDOT is $2,857,128.00 toward a total project estimated cost of $4,737,292.00.  The City share of this project cost remains at $1,880,164.00 as approved in the original and amended agreements,  $1,580.164.00 was forwarded to FDOT following the June 2015 approval of this project by City Council

The City of Orlando agrees to furnish FDOT an advance deposit of the final $300,000 of the City’s share of the total project funding within thirty (30) days of execution of the Agreement. If the actual construction cost for the Quiet Zone Improvements is in excess of the Project Estimate amount, FDOT and the City of Orlando will cooperate to reduce the Project Scope so that the bid amount does not exceed the Project Estimate.

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Approval of the Quiet Zone Improvement Agreement, Amendment 1 between the State of Florida Department of Transportation “FDOT” and the City of Orlando, and authorization for the Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem to execute same, subject to review and approval by the Office of Legal Affairs.

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