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September 26, 2016
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Ordinance No. 2016-79 Regarding Backyard Chicken Keeping (Economic Development)


This amendment to the Municipal Code codifies the backyard chicken pilot program, extending the program to 100 households citywide.  The program allows single family households to have up to 4 hens, after successfully completing a chicken care class and applying for a planning official determination that documents their participation and coop plans.

Two sections of the Municipal Code are proposed for amendment to accommodate the program: Chapter 6, Control and Regulation of Animals, will contain new performance standards for keeping backyard chickens and have a permit requirement; and, Chapter 58 of the Land Development Code will contain special development standards for the construction of coops and assigning the planning official the duties to approve permits for the keeping of hens.  An additional minor amendment to Chapter 5, Code Enforcement, classifies violations of the program as a Class II civil offense.

Existing permit holders are grandfathered into the program, which includes 64 households that have participated to date over the course of the four year program. New applications will be limited to a total of 100 households; if a household drops out of the program, they can be replaced by another applicant.  

The full staff report to the Municipal Planning Board's (MPB) June 2016 meeting is attached; the MPB recommended approval of this amendment, which was accepted by the City Council on July 25, 2016. 

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Approving the attached ordinance No. 2016-79 on first reading and request that the Mayor and City Clerk present the draft ordinance for second reading and public hearing at the next regular City Council meeting.

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Note: All agenda items must be in the City Clerk's office by Noon Friday, six(6) business days prior to the regular Monday City Council meeting.

Contact: Jason Burton, AICP -, or Melissa Clarke, Esq -
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 9/14/2016 10:31 AM
City Clerk 9/14/2016 10:36 AM

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Backyard_Chickens_-_FINAL.pdf Chicken Ordinance Ordinance
LDC20116-00229_Backyard_Chickens.pdf MPB Report Backup Material

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