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July 11, 2016
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Woolpert, Inc. for Engineering and Related Professional Services for the Second and Third Phases of the Dean Road Interceptor Sewer Rehabilitation Project, RQS14-0292


A Request for Qualification Statements (RQS) for the subject project was issued on September 2, 2014.   On November 11, 2014, City staff ranked shortlisted Respondents after presentations, and on December 8, 2014, City Council approved that ranking and authorized staff to commence negotiations for a contract with the top-ranked respondent, Woolpert, Inc. The subject contract is the result of those negotiations.

The second and third phase work under this contract is for the Preliminary Engineering services including geotechnical, surveying, final design, permitting, bidding and construction services.  The project includes the rehabilitation of approximately 9,900 linear feet of 72 and 78 inch gravity sewer trunk lines, and approximately 24 manholes, which transports wastewater flows from eastern sections of the City and future flows from Conserve 1 to the Iron Bridge Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Woolpert, Inc. M/WBE Participation Plan for this contract is as follows.  The M/WBE Office finds good faith efforts substantiated and the proposed information sufficient.

Antillian Engineering Associate                         MBE               5.46%            $ 32,549.00

EPIC Engineering & Consulting Group, LLC   MBE               1.46%            $   8,749.00

ASG Reprographics, Inc.                                    MBE               0.94%            $   5,599.90

L & S Diversified, LLC                                      WBE             21.61%           $128,787.00

Total M/WBE Participation                                                   29.48%          $175,684.90

Fiscal & Efficiency Data:

Recommended Action:

Authorize the Chief Procurement Officer to execute a Service Authorization with Woolpert, Inc., as noted above, in the amount of $595,981.75, subject to review and approval by the City Attorney’s Office.

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Contact: David Billingsley
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Department Date and Time
Budget Outside Routing Approval 6/29/2016 9:33 AM
City Clerk 6/30/2016 2:38 PM

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FIS_RQS14-0292_-_Woolpert_Services_Authorization.docx RQS14-0292 Fiscal Impact Statement Fiscal Impact Statement
RQS14-0292_Signed_mwbe_memo_for_phase_2_and_phase_3_(2).pdf RQS14-0292 MWBE Memo Backup Material
17958(1)-Woolpert-Service_Authorization-1.pdf Woolpert's Service Authorization and Proposal Backup Material

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