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March 28, 2016
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Meeting Minutes and Approving the Actions of the Historic Preservation Board - February 3, 2016; and Meeting Minutes of the Board of Zoning Adjustment Regarding BZA Case No. VAR2016-00006 Approving a Lesser Variance Consistent with the HPB Recommendation Regarding 722 E. Amelia Street


This item covers two separate land development applications for a proposed new two-story accessory structure in the rear yard of 722 E. Amelia Street.  The first application is for a Historic Preservation Board Certificate of Appropriateness; case number HPB2016-00001.  The second application is for a zoning variance; case number VAR2016-00006.  The decisions of the HPB and BZA differed.  The approval of the HPB Minutes of February 3, 2016 were tabled from the February 29, 2016 City Council meeting and Council requested a workshop on setback issues.  At the workshop held on March 14, 2016, there was a consensus by Council to defer to the expertise of the HPB on setback matters in historic districts.  In this instance, the HPB recommended approval with a number of conditions, including a condition that the new building be 10' from the rear property line.  The BZA recommended approval of a zoning variance to allow the building to be 5' from the rear property line.  The question before Council today is which setback recommendation to approve.  

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Accept the minutes of the February 3, 2016, HPB meeting and the minutes for case number VAR2016-00006 of the February 23, 2016, BZA meeting, approve the HPB recommendation for case number HPB2016-00001, and approve the BZA recommendation for case number VAR2016-00006 except that (consistent with the HPB's recommendation) the proposed two-story accessory structure may encroach into the required 15' rear-yard setback by up to 5', resulting in a 10' rear setback of aforesaid structure.

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2016._2._Feburary_HPB_Minutes.pdf HPB Minutes - February 3, 2016 Backup Material
BZA2016-02Minutes.pdf BZA Minutes - February 23, 2016 Backup Material

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