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March 28, 2016
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March as Women's History Month


March 2016 has been declared as National Women’s History Month to honor the role that American women have played and continue to play in the economic, cultural, and social development of our Nation.

American women make up a significant portion of the labor force, working as elected officials, CEO’s, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and homemakers who provide leadership, guidance and support of the values which strengthens our economy and provides for the well-being of our families.

The women in the City of Orlando are unique leaders and exceptional role models in all professions and they have distinguished themselves as smart and wise business owners. They have created jobs, paid wages and demonstrated that they are a positive force in our local communities and neighborhoods.

Women business owners, such as those in the hospitality industry, provide career opportunities for many women from every race, class, and ethnic background who are seeking their first job and through their efforts, the lives of their employees and families are shaped in a positive manner.

Women business owners, despite the many risks and personal sacrifices they encounter continue to be inspiration to their families, employees and the community as whole and whose success stories we can learn to emulate.

 When women succeed, our nation, our state, our county and our cities succeed and their potential should only be limited only breadth their dreams

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Mayor Dyer will call on Commissioner Regina Hill. Commissioner Hill will provide background and read the proclamation.

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