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February 29, 2016
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Right-of-Way Encroachment Agreement - 3109 Helen Street (3114 Oberlin Avenue)


Joseph Kirby (Kirby) owns the property located at 3109 Helen Street in the College Park neighborhood of Orlando.  The north boundary line of Kirby’s property abuts a portion of a vacant City right-of-way which is bordered by Oberlin Avenue to the east and Helen Street to the west, having an address of 3114 Oberlin Avenue.  Kirby wishes to install landscaping and use the abutting right-of-way as an extension of his yard.  Staff is agreeable to Kirby’s use of the right-of-way on the terms and conditions set forth in the attached Right-of-Way Encroachment Agreement (Agreement). 

Kirby shall be permitted to install landscaping and fencing, if desired, and shall keep the right-of-way in good condition and repair during the term of this Agreement, including mowing, landscaping and general maintenance and repair, all at his expense.  Kirby’s use shall not interfere with City’s existing utilities located within the right-of-way and City reserves the right to terminate the Agreement upon thirty (30) days notice.  

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: None

Recommended Action:
Approval and authorization for the Mayor/Pro Tem and City Clerk to execute the Encroachment Agreement, substantially in the form attached, subject to the review and approval of the City Attorney's Office

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Contact: Tonie McNealy (Wes Powell)
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 2/19/2016 1:29 PM
City Clerk 2/19/2016 2:13 PM

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ROW_Encroach_Kirby_Fence_Final.2.17.16(2)_(1).pdf ROW Encroachment Agrmt Backup Material

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