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August 10, 2015
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Installation/Maintenance Agreement for Lone Sailor Monument and Memorial


The intent of the Lone Sailor Navy Memorial of Central Florida is to commemorate the Orlando site where many heroes in uniform began their service in the U.S. Navy at the former Recruit Training Center. The Memorial will express the City of Orlando's appreciation to the men and women across the globe in the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U.S -Flag Merchant Marine, who voluntarily put their lives in harm's way to protect freedom. The Memorial is meant to inspire youth and honor sea service men and women and their families: past, present and future.

The Memorial will be located at the south end of Blue Jacket Park on an existing grass section.  It will be an elliptical shape with an embedded ship's pier. The Memorial will be constructed of decorative concrete to match other park structures. There will be prominent dedication signage that tells the chronological history of the Navy in Central Florida.  

Acceptance of the installation of the Lone Sailor Navy Memorial by the Navy League is valued at $380,000.  Annual maintenance cost is estimated at $12,750 of which $2,250 will be covered by the Navy League.  The remaining $ 10,500 will be covered with existing budget from the Parks Division, Public Works and Public Arts.

The installation of this Memorial was approved via the City's Monuments and Memorials process, and was recommended by the Families, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board at its July 15, 2014 meeting.

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: See attached fiscal impact statement.

Recommended Action:
Acceptance and approval of the requested Lone Sailor Monument in Blue Jacket Park.

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Budget Outside Routing Approval 7/30/2015 5:31 PM
City Clerk 7/31/2015 6:47 AM

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