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August 10, 2015
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Modified Recreational Easement between City of Orlando and Orange County (Barber Park Addition)


Located in the Conway area on Lake George, Orange County (County) owns Barber Park at 3701 Gatlin Ave and the City of Orlando (City) owns a 36 acre site (Property) adjacent to Barber Park at 4490 Dixie Belle Dr. In 2005, pursuant to a Contribution Agreement between the City and County, the City acquired the Property and the County contributed one half (50%) of the purchase price. As consideration for County’s contribution the City conveyed a Recreational Easement dated June 14, 2005, (Original Easement) to the County and agreed to use the Property for a public purpose consisting of a park, recreational facility or community center. 

The Original Easement provided for the use of the Property however, did not provide for construction of any facilities on the Property. The City and County wish to modify the Original Easement to include the right to construct recreational and associated facilities and to reduce the size of the easement area (Modified Recreational Easement).

 The modified easement area is on a portion of the 36 acre Property that is south of the lake and contains approximately 15.25 acres. The County is granted the right to construct, repair and maintain recreational and related facilities including soccer and multipurpose recreational fields along with parking and other associated facilities (Facilities). The County shall also have the right to install fencing to separate the modified easement area from the remaining portion of the Property. All signage within the modified easement area shall state that it is a combined City/County Park.


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Approval of the Modified Recreational Easement, and authorization for the Mayor/Pro Tem and City Clerk to execute such Easement, and authorization for the Easement to be recorded in the Orange County Public Records, all subject to review and approval by the City Attorney's Office.

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Contact: Tonie McNealy
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 7/31/2015 2:45 PM
City Clerk 7/31/2015 2:56 PM

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Lake_George-Barber_Park_-_Modified_Recreational_Easementfinal071415.pdf Modified Recreational Easement Backup Material

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