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April 20, 2015
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Advisory Committee Ranking and Authorization for the Chief Procurement Officer to Execute a Contract for Economic Development Information System (EDIS), RFP15-0011


A Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued on October 7, 2014 to select a qualified firm to provide a comprehensive  Economic Development Information System (EDIS).   This new system will update the underlying technology environment and provide for better integration with the City’s enterprise GIS applications and associated geographic data.  Six (6) responsive proposals were received and reviewed by an Advisory Committee comprised of the following individuals:

  1. Mike Rhodes – Code Enforcement Division Manager (Chair)
  2. Lisa Henry – Streets and Stormwater Division Manager
  3. Tim Johnson – Permitting Division Manager
  4. Chris McCullion - Treasurer
  5. Lillian Scott-Payne – Business Development Division Manager
  6. Roger Selch - Dover Shores East HOA
  7. Rich Wales - Deputy Fire Chief
  8. Richard Levey - Levey Consulting
  9. Tisa Mitchell - Fiscal Manager, Economic Development
  10. Rosa Akhtarkhavari – Chief Information Officer

Based on the information presented in the proposals and the evaluation criteria set forth in the RFP, the firms were short listed and ranked by the Advisory Committee in the following order:





Infor Public Sector, Inc.

Cordova, CA


Accela, Inc.

San Ramon, CA


CSDC System, Inc.

Fort Worth, TX


Computronix (U.S.A.), Inc.

Lakewood, CO

The initial contract term is five (5) years with an option to renew for five (5) additional one (1) year terms.  The estimated contracted amount is approximately $3,000,000.00 depending on options selected, and the data migration is $415,810.00; a total of $3,415,810.00.

Infor Public Sector, Inc. did not submit a M/WBE Participation Plan with their proposal, however, during presentation they did verbally commit to utilizing City certified M/WBE firms to support the City's goals. Additionally, Infor Public Sector, Inc. verbally committed to utilizing VBE firms, if available, to support the City’s goals.

Fiscal & Efficiency Data:

Recommended Action:
Approval of the ranking established by the Advisory Committee and approval and authorization for the Chief Procurement Officer to negotiate and execute a contract and subsequent renewals with the top ranked firm, Infor Public Sector, Inc., as indicated above.  If negotiations are not successful with the top ranked firm, approval and authorization for the Chief Procurement Officer to negotiate with the remaining firms in ranked order and execute a contract and subsequent renewals as indicated above, with the highest ranked firm with whom agreement is reached.  The final agreement will be subject to review and approval by the City Attorney’s Office.  Authorize and direct the Chief Financial Officer to amend the budget as outlined.

Agenda Item attachment(s) on file in the City Clerks Office.

Note: All agenda items must be in the City Clerk's office by Noon Friday, six(6) business days prior to the regular Monday City Council meeting.

Contact: David Billingsley
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 4/10/2015 4:08 PM
City Clerk 4/10/2015 4:11 PM

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