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April 20, 2015
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Agreement to Loan Archival Items to the Orlando Ballet’s “History of Loch Haven Center” Exhibit


On April 28, 2014, the Orlando City Council authorized a Lease, with the Orlando Ballet, for the Loch Haven Neighborhood Center, for the purpose of operating a professional ballet company and ballet school on the premises.

Acknowledging and embracing the storied history of the Center, and the important role it has played in the lives of many Orlando citizens over the years, Section 6.05(b) of the Lease Agreement specifies that the Orlando Ballet shall “Provide at the Center a historical display about the Center.”

As such, the architect handling the renovation of the Center on behalf of the Orlando Ballet is designing a permanent gallery display that records the history of the building from its opening in 1958 (as the Orlando Youth Center) to its present day use. A call for memorabilia has been issued and many treasures generously donated.

Since some of the historical items to be displayed at the Loch Haven Center are owned by the City of Orlando, the City must loan them to the Orlando Ballet in order for the Ballet to house and care for them at the site. 

The attached Archival Items Loan Agreement authorizes the Families, Parks and Recreation Department to loan several City-owned historical items, related to the Loch Haven Neighborhood Center, to the Orlando Ballet as part of the permanent display. These items are: a bronze "Orlando Youth Center Dedication Plaque" and two Mayoral Proclamations that recognize the Neon Club and the Rock Haven Dances, respectively. 

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: No fiscal impact. 

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Authorization by City Council to enter into the Archival Items Loan Agreement with the Orlando Ballet. 

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Contact: John Perrone
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 3/30/2015 3:53 PM
City Clerk 4/1/2015 9:19 AM

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Orlando_Youth_Center_-_Dedication.JPG Dedication Plaque Backup Material
Proclamations.JPG Proclamations Backup Material
Archival_Items_-_Loan_Agreement_-_Ballet_(1).doc Archival Items Loan Agreement Backup Material

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