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December 15, 2014
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Temporary Use Permit at 959 29th St. for Ultimate I-4 Office Yard (LDC2014-00371)(Economic Development)


The owner of the undeveloped lot at 929 29th St. requests a Temporary Use Permit to allow a ±7,250 sq. ft. office and parking area for the southern portion of the Ultimate I-4 Construction project. The subject 1.0-acre property is located on the north side of 29th St., east of S. Westmoreland Dr. and south of Interstate 4 and W. Michigan St. The owner is the Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT).

The subject property is zoned P (Public Use). The office portion will consist of an assembly of modular buildings with a 3 ft. buffer facing 29th St. The lot will be leveled with suitable compacted fill material where the buildings and parking areas are located. The yard will also be used for limited materials storage and will be surrounded by a chain-link safety fence. Upon completion of the Ultimate I-4 project, the office buildings will be removed and the property will be re-graded and returned to a natural state.

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: N/A

Recommended Action:

Approve the Temporary Use Permit for the requested use as a semi-improved Ultimate I-4 project construction office and parking area, with the following conditions:

1.   Consistency - The proposed improvements shall be consistent with the size, dimensions, location and appearance shown on the plan submitted with the current application and as described above.

2.    Fencing

     •  The Office Yard shall have a perimeter maximum 6-ft. tall chain link fence; barbed or razor wire shall not be permitted.

     •  All perimeter fencing shall be wrapped from top to bottom with green or black wrap, with said wrapping fastened to the exterior side of the fencing; a custom wrap is also permitted and shall be reviewed at time of permitting.

     •  When located adjacent to a public sidewalk or public right-of-way (29th St. & S. Westmoreland Dr.), the fencing shall be no closer than 5 feet to the closest sidewalk edge or right-of-way boundary.

     •  Fencing plans and details shall be reviewed at the time of permitting

3.  Landscaping

     •  Fencing adjacent to or visible from a public right-of-way (29th St. & S. Westmoreland Dr.) or adjacent to residentially zoned properties (to the south and east) shall provide landscape screening or a landscape buffer.

     •  The buffer shall include but is not limited to the following plant materials:

        -  Yaupon Holly, 4-6 ft. in height at time of installation.

        -  Simpson's Stopper, 7-gallon at time of installation.

        -  Podocarpus, 7-gallon at time of installation.

        -  Walter's Viburnam, 7-gallon at time of installation.

        -  Other plant materials may be utilized; Florida native / drought tolerant plants are encouraged.

     •  The landscape screening / buffer shall be continuous where required and shall be temporarily irrigated or regularly hand watered for 9-12 months, or until plant material is established.

     •  Plant material that dies during the establishment period shall be replaced.

     •  Final landscape plans and details shall be reviewed at the time of permitting.

4.  Lighting

     •  All exterior lighting shall comply with the City’s Lighting Ordinance (LDC Chapter 63 Part 2M).

     •  Lighting at the property line shall not exceed 0.5 foot candles when adjacent to residentially zoned properties (south and east) or 1.0 foot candles when adjacent to all other properties.


5.  Trailer Modules

     •  All temporary trailer modules shall be consistent in size, color, shape and roofline.

     •  Signage on trailer modules shall be limited to informational or regulatory signage only, and shall not be permitted on trailer facades facing public rights-of-way.

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Contact: Jim Burnett, Planner III, 407-246-3609
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 12/3/2014 11:19 AM
City Clerk 12/3/2014 3:09 PM

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Area_1_Office_Layout_10-28-14.pdf site plan Backup Material
Area_1_Office_Layout_10-28-14.pdf site plan Backup Material

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