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November 3, 2014
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Request for Qualification Statements for Citywide Rapid Response and Minor Projects for Infrastructure and General Grouting Repair or Replacement of Drainage Wells, RFQu14-0325


A Request for Qualification Statements (RFQu) for the subject project was issued on August 4, 2014.  Nine (9) firms responded to this solicitation.  Eight (8) of those firms indicated that they were seeking to be selected for the Infrastructure work while two (2) firms indicated that they were seeking to be selected for General Grouting and Repair or Replacement of Drainage Wells work.  The Advisory Committee met to generate a ranking of the firms as follows:



PCL Construction Services, Inc.


Gibbs & Register, Inc.


JCB Construction, Inc.


Prime Construction Group, Inc.


Cathcart Construction Company-FL, LLC


C.E. James, Inc.


Schuller Contractors Incorporated


Uribe Site Development, Inc.

General Grouting and Repair or Replacement


Henderson Wilder, Contractor


Schuller Contractors Incorporated

The members of the Advisory Committee are as follows:


Hector Sanchez, P.E.

CI&ID Project Manager (Chair)


Howard Elkin

Streets and Stormwater Assistant Division Manager


Paul Crouter

CI&ID Assistant Division Manager


Byron Raysor

MBE, Contract Compliance Investigator III

The M/WBE Office has reviewed Contractors’ qualification statements and intentions to meet M/WBE goals and in each case found good faith efforts.

The duration of these non-exclusive contracts will be for two years with the option of renewing for one additional year.  The estimated annual amount for these contracts is $3,000,000.

Fiscal & Efficiency Data:

Services with qualified listed firms are contracted on an as-needed basis.  Specific funding will be made available at the time services are required and will be charged to the appropriate program or project when authorized by the Public Works Director

Recommended Action:

Approval of the Advisory Committee's rankings and authorize the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), subject to review and approval by the City Attorney’s Office, to award and authorize the execution of the contracts and issue subsequent renewals for Citywide Rapid Response Repair for Infrastructure contracts with the above six (6) top ranked firms in that category and Citywide Rapid Response Repair for General Grouting and Repair or Replacement of Drainage Wells contracts with the above two (2) ranked firms in that category.  Should negotiations with the top ranked firm prove unsuccessful, approve negotiations with successively ranked firms until successful agreements are reached.  Also authorize the CPO to issue Purchase Orders and the Public Works Director to issue task/change orders for all work ordered against the resulting contracts in the estimated annual amount of $3,000,000.

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Contact: David Billingsley
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Department Date and Time
Budget Outside Routing Approval 10/23/2014 2:52 PM
City Clerk 10/23/2014 2:56 PM

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