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November 3, 2014
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Services Authorization Agreement with AECOM Technical Services, Inc. for the Conserv II Water Reclamation Facility Improvements Project


On October 26, 2005, City Council approved the scope of services and budget for the Conserv II Water Reclamation Facility Improvements Evaluation Project CIP0069-P. This is a multi-year project involving significant renovation and treatment upgrades of the Conserv II Water Reclamation Facility which had, at that time, last been improved in the mid-1980's. Since the initial authorization, subsequent projects and consultant services authorizations have involved engineering services related to the preparation of a draft master facilities plan; preliminary evaluation of several potential solids handling technologies; an evaluation of the status and improvements needs of the facility's electrical distribution system; the local reclaimed water distribution system; as well as other treatment units/systems replacement and upgrade requirements at the plant.

One of the major projects completed under these authorizations for which AECOM was the Engineer-of-Record is the Conserv II WRF Phase I Treatment Improvements Project. During design of the Phase I Treatment Improvements, some elements of the design were postponed due to lack of funds. The planning documents included the addition of diffusers, mixers, and associated piping and appurtenances for multiple treatment basins. Diffusers have been installed in these zones, but the addition of mixers was postponed. When removing the mixers from the original design, the concept was to use low levels of air to mix the basins. However, staff has determined that even the low levels of air are having a detrimental impact on nitrogen removal capacities. Therefore, the ability to mix these basins without the use of air is critical to establishing the capacity of the Conserv II facility.  

 The City applied for funding from the State for the addition of mixing systems to the anoxic zones at the facility. This project will benefit the quality of reclaimed water (alternative water supply) that is produced by the WRF, a portion of which is applied in the Wekiva Springs Study Area. Funds were provided in the 2014-2015 General Appropriations Act listing this project.

The Public Works Department requested a proposal from AECOM for design, permitting and construction phase services for the addition of the mixers at the Conserv II facility. AECOM and Public Works staff have negotiated the attached not-to-exceed fee proposal of $173,766.61 for these services as Services Authorization XII.

For Services Authorization XII, AECOM will be utilizing Electrical Design Associates, an MBE firm (24.13% of the fee), and Buchheit Associates, Inc., a WBE firm (0.69%). The Minority Business Enterprise Office has reviewed the proposal, found good faith efforts substantiated and the proposed information sufficient (memo attached).

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: The costs as identified in this Services Authorization will be funded from the CIP0063-P budget (FIS is attached).

Recommended Action:
Authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a Services Authorization with AECOM Technical Services, Inc.. in the not-to-exceed amount of $173,766.61, subject to review and approval by the City Attorney's Office.

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Budget Outside Routing Approval 10/22/2014 5:26 PM
City Clerk 10/23/2014 7:00 AM

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