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October 20, 2014
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Temporary Use Permit for Fire Station #2

Orlando Fire Department requests an 18-month Temporary Use Permit with the possibility of two 1-yr administrative extensions by the Planning Official for Temporary Fire Station #2 at 1203 W. Robinson St., on the southwest corner of Hames Ave. and Robinson St. The station is being built as an interim, temporary measure to provide fire and emergency medical coverage (Engine and Rescue manned with 5-6 personnel) for the Parramore and surrounding area of the City. (LDC2014-00245)(Economic Development)

The 2.5 acre subject property, located at 1203 W. Robinson Street, is in the I-G/T/PH (General Industrial in the Traditional City and Parramore Heritage Overlay districts) zoning and the INDUST (Industrial) future land use districts. The proposed use is a public benefit use (Fire Station) which is permitted in the zoning and future land designations. The City owned property fronts on Robinson Street and will be used as an interim Fire Station 2 as of in December 2014. The temporary station will consist of 3 leased modular trailers and a canopy for two apparatus (see attached). The temporary station will be occupied until a permanent Fire Station 2 is built (estimated within 18 months). The temporary structure is being proposed to accommodate the construction schedule for the Soccer Stadium and allow time to plan, permit, and build a permanent Fire Station 2. City staff is currently reviewing site plans for the permanent station which shall be constructed west of the temporary Fire Station 2 on the subject site. The final review of the permanent station will be conducted through a Master Plan.

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Recommended Action:

Recommend approval of the Fire Station 2 temporary use permit for 18-months to expire on April 20, 2016 with the possibility of two 1-yr administrative extensions subject to the following conditions:

·         Consistency - The proposed structure must be consistent with the size, dimensions and site location on the attached plans and as described above.

·         Duration – The temporary fire station shall be removed and the site restored to a code compliant state within 1 month of the expiration of the Temporary Use Permit.

·         Use – The temporary fire station shall be used only for Fire and Emergency Medical coverage activity/public benefit use.

·         Storm water – Signed and sealed inspection reports shall be provided upon request by the City Engineer.

·         Signage – Signage shall comply with LDC section 64.245 Directional Signs.

·         Maintenance – Outdoor storage shall be prohibited in the driveway and parking lot. Also, if the site is not maintained to an acceptable standard, the City has the right to rescind the Temporary Use Permit.

·         Parking- The temporary fire station shall provide parking per Section 61.322 of the Land Development Code. 

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Contact: TeNeika Neasman, 407.246.4257
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 10/9/2014 11:42 AM
City Clerk 10/9/2014 11:58 AM

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