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November 3, 2014
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Wastewater Wholesale Rates


Financial reporting has evaluated the Wholesale Wastewater Rates for the Iron Bridge Regional and the Water Conserv II Water Reclamation Facilities (WRFs) in accordance with the contractual agreements related to the wholesale wastewater customers.  As a result of these analyses, no rate adjustment is recommended as shown below:


FY 2014



FY 2015

Wholesale Wastewater Rates (per thousand gallons)



Iron Bridge Regional WRF:  Winter Park, Maitland, Casselberry, Seminole County &  Orange County



Water Conserv II WRF



Winter Park (Asbury Park)



Orange County




Orange County is no longer sending flow to the Water Conserv II WRF on a regular basis. The County has retained a connection for emergency purposes. The rate shown above is for emergency service on a temporary basis.

The above rates have been reviewed and approved by the Wastewater Division.

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: Wholesale rates, per interlocal agreement, are required to produce sufficient revenue to match the cost of treatment for the wholesale customer's wastewater.

Recommended Action:
Approve the recommended wholesale rates effective November 1, 2014.

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Contact: Victor J. Godlewski
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 10/22/2014 4:58 PM
City Clerk 10/23/2014 7:06 AM

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