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September 8, 2014
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Contract Amount Increase for Job Order Contracting Services, RFP11-0169


In December, 2013, the City requested that plans be developed for renovations to City Commons Plaza to upgrade the appearance of the plaza. The plans include providing improved sight lines and walking surfaces from Orange Avenue to City Hall, providing finish materials that tie in with the Arts Plaza on the East side of Orange Avenue, and enhanced security and public safety via lighting and enhanced camera coverage. Additionally, the scope includes the removal of an in-ground fountain that has no barrier on one side, thus a safety hazard.  It also will eliminate many existing tripping hazards (i.e., places where tree roots have displaced pavement or pavers).  The scope also adds needed hand rails for public safety. 


The Dr. Phillips Performing Art Center (Center) contractor, Balfour Beatty, was requested to price the work as a change order to their existing contract.  Balfour Beatty provided pricing in July of this year.  During the first week in August, due to their existing workload in completing the Center, Balfour Beatty informed the City that they would no longer be able to perform the City Commons Plaza renovations.  Due to Balfour Beatty’s inability to complete this project relative to the projected opening of the Center, the City now considers this a time sensitive situation. The grand opening of the Center is scheduled for November 6, 2014. 

Due to the timeframe and urgent circumstances to meet this completion date, the Facilities Division and Venues Department request to utilize the existing Job Order Contracting Services contracts with Terra Firma Construction Management Incorporated and Johnson & Laux Construction, LLC to perform the renovation work.  The contracts currently have $1,300,000 annual limits per contractor and a $100,000 limit per individual work order.  Both contracts are effective from June 27, 2014 to June 27, 2015.  The Facilities Division and Venues Department request to increase the individual work order limit to $600,000 per job order and to increase the annual contract limits by $1,200,000.00, the budget for this project. 

Following the completion of this project, Facilities Division and Venues Department will return to implementing the previous contract and individual work order limits. 

Terra Firma Construction Management Incorporated and Johnson & Laux Construction, LLC are committed to their MWBE participation goals which are 24% and 32% respectively.

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Approve an increase to the contract amount by $1,200,000.00 and increase the individual work order limits to $600,000 per job order for Job Order Contracting Services, RFP11-0169, and authorize the Chief Procurement Officer to amend the contracts with Terra Firma Construction Management Incorporated and Johnson & Laux Construction, LLC to allow for completion of the City Commons Plaza project.

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