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August 11, 2014
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Proposed ordinance #2014-32, relating to the Education Village Planned Development zoning district.

Proposed ordinance #2014-32 would implement approved zoning application case number 2014-00012. The case was reviewed and recommended for approval by the Municipal Planning Board on June 17, 2014, and approved by Council on July 14, 2014.

The planned development zoning district is requested for the purpose of combing the previously approved Education Village Planned Development zoning district and the Education Commerce Center Planned Development zoning district into a single planned development zoning district permitting the phased development of up to 770 attached residential units, 726,000 square feet of commercial, retail, and service use, 255,000 square feet of civic use, and a public high school (the existing Lake Nona High School).

This new proposed planned development would be known as the Education Village Planned Development and covers approximately 220 acres of land generally located north of Tyson Road, east and south of State Road 417, and west of Narcoosee Road.

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: No fiscal impact.

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Approval of proposed ordinance #2014-32 on first reading.

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Contact: Kyle Shephard or Colandra Jones
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Education_Village_PD_2014_(clean_version_to_Kyle_Shepherd_7_30_14)_KS_TC_version_clean.pdf Proposed ordinance #2014-32 Ordinance
Ord.___2014-32_Exhibit_-_Proposed_Zoning_Map_(1).pdf Proposed Zoning Map for Ord. #2014-32 Backup Material
Ord.___2014-32_-_Exhibit_-_Verified_Legal_Description.pdf Verified Legal Description for #2014-32 Backup Material

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