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July 28, 2014
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Temporary Use Permit to Retain Existing Modular Classrooms at Orlando Science School, 2427 Lynx Ln. (LDC2014-00207)(Economic Development)


Dr. Yalcin Akin, administrator of the Orlando Science Charter School at 2427 Lynx Ln., requests a 5-month Temporary Use Permit to retain fifteen (15) existing modular classrooms until October 1, 2014, when the new Orlando Science Charter Elementary School (on Technology Dr.) should open. The property owner is Scott Carmona, with Building 7 Development, LLC.

The Orlando Science School was approved as a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in March 2008 (CUP 2007-00036) initially as a 6-8th grade public charter school and subsequently expanding to provide 9th & 10th grades, all within an existing flex-space warehouse at 2427 Lynx Ln. In April 2012, the Orlando Science School CUP was amended to allow a K-5th grade expansion into a new school building to be constructed to the east at 2379 Lynx Ln. (CUP2012-00003). The CUP was approved, including allowance of up to 15 modular classrooms on the existing school site until such time as the new school building was completed, whereupon the modular classrooms were to be removed.

Over the course of the next 2 years, the Orlando Science School was unable to agree to terms with the owner of the adjacent property (at 2379 Lynx Ln.) to begin construction of the new school building. The amended CUP subsequently expired in April 2014 but not before the Orlando Science School secured a CUP for a second K-8th grade elementary/middle school site (at 2611 Technology Dr., CUP2013-00006) in October 2013. The Orlando Science School is currently renovating the former office building and anticipates being able to open in September 2014.

Meanwhile, the modular classrooms are still being used on the Lynx Ln. campus, despite the CUP amendment having expired in April 2014. The applicant has discussed applying for a new CUP to retain the modular classrooms or build a larger school campus on vacant industrially-zoned land to the north. With the CUP expiration, staff contends that the modular classrooms need to be immediately removed, but since the new school on Technology Dr. is not yet ready for occupancy, staff is amenable to a Temporary Use Permit to allow them to remain until October 1, 2014, at which time they are to be removed.

The applicant states that, during the Temporary Permit period, the Orlando Science School may opt to apply for a new CUP to retain six (6) modular classrooms on a small parcel north of the school on Lynx Ln. Staff contends that if the Temporary Use is granted, those six (6) modular classrooms need to be removed, along with the other nine (9) units, on the expiration date of the Temporary Use Permit.

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Recommended Action:

Approve the Temporary Use Permit for the continued use of the modular classrooms on the Orlando Science School campus at 2427 Lynx Ln., with the following conditions:

·         Duration of Temporary Use - The Temporary Use Permit shall be valid until October 1, 2014, whereupon the fifteen (15) modular classrooms shall be removed from the 2427 Lynx Ln. site and the smaller parcel also utilized by the school to the north. Utilities shall be removed and the ground surface returned to that which existed prior to placement of the 15 modular units.

·         Permits - A demolition (or other applicable) permit(s) shall be secured prior to removal of the modular units from the property.

·         The modular units shall not be moved to or placed on adjacent or other Orlando Science School properties without proper City or County permits.

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Contact: Jim Burnett, Planner III, 407-246-3609
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 7/16/2014 2:06 PM
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