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July 28, 2014
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Lease of Matinee Club Building at Trotter's Park to Association of Christian Youth Sports (ACYS)


The City owns the 3,094 square foot building located within Trotter’s Park commonly known as the Matinee Club.  The Association of Christian Youth Sports (ACYS), a non-profit youth sports organization that provides youth soccer, lacrosse and flag football programs to City residents at Trotter’s Park is in need of office space and desires to lease the Matinee Club.


The term of this Lease shall be concurrent with the term of the agreement ACYS has with the City for the use of the ball fields at Trotter’s Park, dated August 5, 2013 (“Use Agreement”).  Initial term shall be one (1) year commencing August 6, 2014 and ending August 5, 2015.  Contingent on the renewal of the Use Agreement, the Lease may be extended on terms mutually agreeable to the parties for three (3) renewal terms of one (1) year each.  Monthly rent shall be eight hundred dollars ($800.00) and shall increase five percent (5%) per year.  ACYS shall also pay all utilities and applicable taxes.  Either party may terminate the Lease upon 30 days prior written notice. 

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: Revenue to REC0003_C Athletics

Recommended Action:

Approval and authorization for the Mayor/Pro Tem and City Clerk to execute Lease, substantially in the form attached, and approval and authorization, without further City Council approval, for the Director of Families, Parks and Recreation to execute additional extension options referenced herein, so long as such approvals are in conformance with the terms and conditions of the Lease, all subject to the review and approval of the City Attorney's Office.

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Contact: Tonie McNealy
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 7/17/2014 11:47 AM
City Clerk 7/17/2014 11:49 AM

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ACYS_Matinee_Club_Lease_-_Impact_Statement_2014.doc Matinee Club - FIS Fiscal Impact Statement
BFS_-_Matinee_Club_-_Lease_FINAL.pdf Matinee Club Lease - FINAL Backup Material

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