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July 14, 2014
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Agreement with Orlando Housing Authority for Citrus Square Playground


Since 1995, the City of Orlando has operated an after school program and summer camp at a Recreation Site ("Site") owned by the Orlando Housing Authority (OHA), located at OHA's Citrus Square Apartments.  Approximately 65 children, 98% low income, attend the program there on a daily basis.

Children who attend the City program at the Site utilize a playground and basketball court that are adjacent to the Site.  These amenities are located on OHA property and are owned by OHA.  Unfortunately, however, over time these amenities have fallen into disrepair and, due to funding limitations, OHA has not been in a position to renovate them.  In addition, the Site is too small to adequately serve the large number of children enrolled in the City's program there.

This Agreement between the City of Orlando and OHA will allow the City to renovate OHA's playground and basketball court at Citrus Square Apartments, and build a covered pavilion adjacent to the Site to create more room to better accommodate the children.

The City intends to utilize CDBG funding to cover most of the cost of these improvements.  The project was approved by Council on July 22, 2013 as part of the 2013 CDBG Annual Action Plan.  Additionally, a small portion of the cost will be covered by the District One budget and the Orlando Housing Authority, as detailed in the Fiscal Impact Statement and Attachment A to the Agreement.  OHA will continue to be responsible for on-going maintenance of the playground, basketball court, and pavilion once construction is completed.

The beneficiaries of this Agreement are the children who reside at Citrus Square Apartments, a low income public housing complex located in the City of Orlando.

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Approval of the attached Agreement with the Orlando Housing Authority. 

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Contact: Lisa Early
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Budget Outside Routing Approval 6/30/2014 3:54 PM
City Clerk 6/30/2014 4:54 PM

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EXHIBIT_A_-_Citrus_Square_Playground_Budget.docx Exhibit A to OHA Agreement Backup Material
FIS_Citrus_Square_Playground.docx Fiscal Impact Statement - Citrus Square Agreement Backup Material
FPR_-_Citrus_Square_Playground_Development_Agreement.pdf Citrus Square Playground Development Agreement Backup Material

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