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May 12, 2014
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Employment Contract - William Wood, Industrial Automation Manager

This employment contract represents an additional two year term with William A. Wood to fill the position of Contract Industrial Automation Manager with the Wastewater Division at an hourly rate of $51.20 per hour. Mr. Wood has been under contract, in this position, since May 2004. His current contract is scheduled to expire on May 18, 2012. The Wastewater Division desires to renew his contract.

Mr. Wood brings to this contracted position a variety of unique qualifications including a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Rollins College and over 34 years of management and technical experience in the successful application of Industrial Automation, including 14 years of experience in the Water and Wastewater Industry. With his experience as an employee of a national instrumentation company, Mr. Wood brought countless hours of advice and trouble-shooting to the City in his capacity as Automation Account Manager. Over the past ten years, Mr. Wood's unique combination of training, education and experience have provided multiple benefits in the form of improved instrumentation/control and increased process performance of the City’s Water Reclamation Facilities and lift stations. Mr. Wood's technical expertise and leadership in the Industrial Automation Group (IAG) is responsible for efficiencies in Wastewater operations that have resulted in annual labor cost reductions of well over $1,000,000.  The in-house services provided by the IAG have avoided nearly $3,000,000 in annual contracted professional services costs.

Mr. Wood will continue to be responsible for the management of staff in the Industrial Automation Group (IAG), conducting research of rapidly changing specialized technologies, overseeing efficiency and effectiveness of facility SCADA and network systems. Additional responsibilities include planning, specification, procurements, implementations, project management, support and services related to industrial automation systems and networks for the Wastewater Division. This position performs highly responsible administrative and professional work planning, directing and coordinating the activities of the IAG, including administration and operation of the Wastewater Division’s Local and Wide Area Networks, Internet infrastructures and services, data and application servers, personal computers and peripherals, data communications and related support services.

Fiscal & Efficiency Data: Fiscal Impact Statement is attached.

Recommended Action:
Recommend approval of the renewal of the employment contract with William A. Wood for the position of Contract Industrial Automation Manager. This contract will run through May 19, 2016 with a beginning rate of pay of $51.20 per hour. Authorize Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem and City Clerk to execute the employment agreement subject to review and approval of the City Attorney's Office.

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Budget Outside Routing Approval 5/1/2014 12:46 PM
City Clerk 5/1/2014 1:36 PM

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Employmnet_Contract_William_Wood_2014-16.pdf Employment Contract William Wood 2014-16 Backup Material
Fiscal_Impact_Statement_Wood_Employment_Contract_2014-16.doc FIS Fiscal Impact Statement

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